Combo cd\dvd drive not reading cd's

I have softwwre problem with a liteon combo drive.a boot cd will start the computer ,ANY other cd comes up with"this disk is not formatted do you want to format this disk.“if yes is clicked then"this DRIVE cannot be formatted”(my capitals).all cd -dvd software has been removed no effect.I think the problem must be in winme but how to find out where? :cry:

remove any drivers. don’t need’em. If you get the message when you put in blank CD, remove InCD, it’s for that direct to disk & CDRW. Using Nero?
don’t install the RW software, waste of time. don’t bother with rewriteables at all. CDRs are cheap and they frisbee real good.

If it come up when you put in a dataCD, it’s hooped. rarely happens until 3 days after warranty is out…

LiteOn has a 1 year warranty. they haven’t made the combos for a whole year yet, so you should be ok regardless

Thanks for the reply when I posted “software problem” I thought I’ll cut through the crap ,so I did not put in what I’d tried .Does hooped mean ratshit ?(Australian)I dont think a hooped drive would boot up the computer and I can run dvd’s and burn cd’s .Nero ,INcd aspi etc etc have been removed.A known working cd drive returns the same message .Could somebody answer why I need aspi with a ide drive?This problem is making me very cranky so any help is appreciated. :unamused:

shouldn’t need and DOS stuff at all. I forget in ME how you do it, write a blank autoexec.bat then open msconfig or something?
I ad same problem with InCD installed. Burnt CDs just showed as ‘unformatted’ but music ones and games worked, as did burnt ones w a bootup. Everything worked ok when i got rid of InCD.

How can you get around the “protected disc” when you insert a dvd into a dvd burner?

Herbie part of your message 0n Tuesday 8.22pm is missing could you repeat?’- InCD has been removed some time ago -no difference.I dont want to reinstall winme as I have 1 problem now ,if I reinstall winme I’ll have a 100 problems.

Here’s a way to get rid of your problems… get rid of ME.