Colin James concert cancelled!

Just to let all you ticket holders know that for tonights concert. Colin James is not feeling well and the show is cancelled!!! Apparently, he will be back in the “near future” whatever that means, and all the ticket holders for tonights concert will be able to exchange their tickets for that event!!! You can phone the Coast hotel to confirm the information.

From the way Colin sounded last night I would have been surprised if he was able to do much tonight.  Apparently he couldn’t do anything at all.  Sucks for those that were supposed to go tonight. 

It sounds like he was totally impressed at the response and appreciation by the crowd.  Hopefully he comes back sooner than later.

as long as trooper dont come back.  I dont mind singing some of thier songs while sprinkling on some urinal pucks.  Cant rupert get anyone else?

The only band more-or-less confirmed is Chilliwack, but that falls under the category of “can’t rupert get anyone else?” too. 

Not sure if the new gaming center will have some kind of an area where bands can perform.  I know there is supposed to be a 10,000 sq.ft. banquet hall built there, but doubt it will be ready when the casino part is, whenever that is.

A good band to get here is Cinderella, didn’t they start out in Rupert or something b4 Bon Jovi started producing them?

I don’t think Cinderella ever came here, never mind starting their career here.  I saw quite a few bands roll through Bogey’s back in the day, but don’t remember them here at all.