Colder summers in Rupert

Hi all-

According to data gathered from Environment Canada, Prince Rupert’s summers got colder over the last few years, even though there was a bit of a spike last summer. The good news? August is usually the hottest month of the summer, so we should be enjoying some warm days in the weeks to come. (Yes, I just used “month”, “day” and “week” in the same sentence.)

Anyway, if you’re a nerd like me and you want to see a pretty colour graph with cool data, click here:


-Muskeg News

Everyone outside with aerosol cans!!! Bring Global Warming to Rupert! Here, here!  :smiley:

That’s actually quite an interesting chart. I remember from the last few summers, rain. Warm rain sometimes. Mostly cold rain. Then a long time I remember leaving work mid-day to go backpacking in 35º weather - that was awesome.

I hate watching the news and the weather channel…is this town cursed or what??  Everywhere else in the country is enjoying record heat and sun.