Classic video games verses "kids these days..."

Funny stuff. … Id=3137498

Kids play classic video games, and their reactions area recorded.

I love the reaction the Adventure:

[quote]Bobby: A duck ate me.

EGM: What ate you?

Parker: A pink duck.

EGM: What do you think this character’s name is?

Parker: Dot. Or Adventure? That’s what this game is, isn’t it? Go up, go up, go up.

Bobby: Stupid duck. I hate the duck. The duck is evil.

Parker: Go left, go left, go left. Grab the arrow. That’s the only way you can kill the duck. You have to run that into the duck.

Garret: It’s a spear or something.

Bobby: [Enters castle] I’m just going to store all my keys and all my useless stuff in here. I’m going to store my duck in there.[/quote]

“Someone get this duck off of me!”

Heh, Strongbad.

[quote]EGM: What do you think of [the first opponent] Glass Joe?

Bobby: Uh…he’s white.

Anthony: He kinda looks like Barbie’s Ken.

Dillon: I’m just pressing random buttons here…[/quote]

Heh that’s some good stuff, cause I usually did the same thing when fighting in Mike Tyson’s Punch Out.

[quote]Garret: That’s not Mike Tyson. Are you kidding me? Mike Tyson does not have a handlebar moustache, and he’s not white.

EGM: [Laughing] So those are the two things that make you think that’s not Mike Tyson?

Garret: Yeah, plus this guy’s wearing pants. [/quote]

Garret is freakin’ hilarious

[quote]Bobby: Yeah, guns. Oooh-Zangief!

Anthony: Why did he get thrown up when he got jumped on.

EGM: I don’t think physics is supposed to be realistic.

Bobby: It’s probably because the Nazis felt bad having a cement fighting place, so they put little trampolines under-

Parker: Wait. What do Nazi’s have to do with it?

Bobby: Because Zangief is a Nazi.

EGM: He’s Russian. Not German.

Garret: He’s a communist.

Bobby: Then why is Zangief’s place a Nazi place?

EGM: It’s not.

Bobby: Yes it is-it had a Nazi sign on the cement.

Parker: It couldn’t have been. They wouldn’t have let that in videogames.

Bobby: Whatever.