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I just re-downloaded all 3 movies and damn they rule!,
the skateboarding in it is amazing, the pranks are funny. Some are sick but lots are good!

whats all your opinions on this Video exc
the whole CKY and jackass stuff…

yeah, tehir fucking halarious, i got CKY3 on vid, had CKY Landspeed and CKY2K on KaZaA, but i lost em. The band is good too, check em out at

CKY just came out with there own CD! its pretty decent!

That completely reminds me of CKY5 news

What are you talking about, they’ve released lots of CD’s!

Well, i mean’t there new CD. sorry bout that i know theres been lots of cd’s they just never got the publicity like this CD is now…

Well, I meant their new CD. Sorry about that**. I** know there has been lots of CDs. They just never got the publicity…

Well, landon you should shut thje fuck up!

Tim you should attend this camp.

haha told.

Well, Landon. You should shut the fuck up!

it was late and i was drunk soo shut it, i dont care too much for errors.

as for attending CKY, that would fuckin RULE

ya, but would you come back… no

Stop missing the obvious.