CityWest Speeds November 2007

Hmmmmm…I’ve noticed a slight improvement in speed lately.  I wonder if CityWest has done an upgrade?

I over heard them (citywest) talking about ADSL and the fiber optic lines to some guy who was unhappy with his download speeds they told him it should be much better, due to some upgrades.

fuckin hell…brutal

Ouch.  I would phone up CityWest and ask them about that.

Does everyone else have problems with that Speedtest page loading slowly and moving slowly while you’re doing the tests?  I can’t tell if it’s my system lagging or my connection… or a combination of the 2.

Well… by the results I can tell my connection is a lil on the slow side.  Surprise Surprise!!

I feel sorry for you people



Yeah, but I’m not paying $10,000 a year for my internet!!



Prince Rupert Speedtest -

Vancouver Speedtest -


I’m thinking you are on the Fiber Optic line :smile:

'cause your ISP Reads Telus and not Citywest

my speed is great again went down to the office talked to keith said im tired of waiting so he gave me a new number which starts with 69 and goes through navigata and since then my speed has been in the 4.5 megs all the time

citywest sucks … why don’t my pings ever stay the same.  booooooooooooo hisssssssssssssss

love my new number from Citywest navigat rocks telus sucks :stuck_out_tongue:

Citytel has admitted they throttle at the switch. Pile that ontop of the horrible bandwidth in/out of town. Not much surprise. My bandwidth’s been horrible in multiple locations for at least six months.

You’d think City Hall would make an effort to put a hand into the operation for the better as Citytel is a revenue generator. I mean, the City has their hands in business across the board these days. Really makes you wonder if the city can ever allow another telecom company in - it’s pretty much revenue suicide.

In the end I just want a lower latency and my bandwidth back  :cry:
This is the basic package. Full DSL aint much better.

people on the new “pipe” aren’t affected,

it’s new, and clean. errr

And the saga continues…gonna call them on this tomorrow…utterly pathetic…and no…it’s not the comp :stuck_out_tongue:

Finally … pages loading faster. I don’t feel like I’m using 20th Century technology … s-o-o-o-o-o s-l-o-w waiting for that page to open, waiting for high speed to arrive. Seems just like yesterday :unamused:

Bit slow.