CityWest Speeds December 2007

It is a new month to look at speeds.

Just starting my day. 3:30 AM. The fastest I’ve seen it yet.

my speeds have been up and down lately, some days pages won’t load and others it’s really fast.  haven’t spent enough time out of games to mess with the other programs I have so the screen shots and posts are brail to me.  my speeds how ever are 1633kbps down, 220kbps upload.  not bad for tonight at a little passed midnight, that’s all for now i’m going back to playing games.

Well thats rather sucky my work connection tops off all the graphs.  I wonder what will happen when we get our 10 Gig lines.

I am not going to provide screenshots though because I’d rather not have you hooligans find out who i am /where i work and start harassing me.

that’s not being a good sport, and we dont need your speed test post to find that info, its there for anyone who wants to know it bad enough, but I’m sure you know that anyways…?

this is BS, I’m being capped on freaken Premium.

take a look at this, I’m getting 2500 everytime.

it’s even more pathetic at any server other than ruperts.

This one has gone beyond pathetic …

What were you expecting? Telus is 2.5 on it’s premium here and you’re lucky to hit that often. You’re getting 2500 and complaining?
shared shot >20 users
private 15 mile navigata shot
Telus dsl swiped from next apartment

if you would look, you’re getting 2100+ for vancouver server.

I’m getting 2500 for the prince rupert server.

I’d be in heaven to get 2000+ for vancouver.

I know people getting about 2500 and they’re on Standard.

as I said, BS

I can’t get over 1500 for the vancouver server, Fishy anyone?

I’m thinking the Speedtest server in Rupert is rigged  :imp:

that’s what Premium’s supposed to look like, and citywest people say I’m too far out of town.

I know people living in the harborview apartments on premium I think getting 4000+.

as I said, BS  :astonished:

What the hell.  I’ll do this again so you guys can have a more global comparison…

I cant comment on if you are being lied to, but there is truth in what they are telling you, the further you get from the switch the less performance your gonna get, thats just the way adsl works. I will say if you get 2500 on the nose all the time your set for that, and losing a full meg to van isnt right, I think you have a valid bitch but its more likely an oversight than outright liying to you, call keith and speak to him in person, I am sure he will tell you what you are paying for and make sure your getting it, give him a call

Seems this range is my typical:

Seems that I hate you.  :wink:

Wow, this must be a big improvement

Server in rupert for seems to be messed? Also, one thing that helped was removing manually added DNS numbers. Let it auto detect. Improved my upload by 100kb. Oh and don’t forget to right click>repair on your local connection properties or start>run>ipconfig /flushdns or w/e else you use on Linux/Mac :smile: