CityWest set to show us some money!

“The cheque is not in the mail … but will be delivered next month.” --CityWest Board Chair Gord Howie explaining that CityWest is about to provide a dividend cheque to the city of Prince Rupert.

Part of the night’s information at last Monday’s City council meeting included a presentation from CityWest which outlined some of the exciting opportunities that the telecommunications provider sees in the near future.

Working in a changing environment has provided some challenges for the city owned company, including the lack of a dividend for the city in recent years which traditionally used to provide up to 2 million dollars in revenues for the city.

Recent years have seen CityWest unable to provide that revenue stream due to expenses and costs associated with its expansion plans, but it would seem that may be about to change.

At Monday’s meeting City Manager Gord Howie, who also doubles as chair of the CityWest Board of Directors advised that City West will be delivering a dividend cheque of one million dollars next month…

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