Citywest Phone Time

The clock on my phone adjusted to the right time mid Sunday.  I use my phone time for everything, even my alarm clock for work.  Well today or last night it jumped back that hour.  I was 1 hour late for work.  I felt like an idiot, all I could do is show them the time on my phone.  Once I realized it was the wrong time, I had to shut it off and back on.

Now I’m out 20$

I had a client come in from Ontario with the same problem on his cell. I said turn it off and turn it on that should fix it but it didn’t. I was quite surprised.

Mine has the correct time though.

For some reason my cel was an hour out today as well.  It re-set itself after turning off and on.

Same as my daughters. She phoned asking what was going on with her phone because the clock went back an hour.Told her she was getting over powered by Rogers lol. Off then back on worked

lol, mine went back an hour and went ahead again.

Mine didn’t change at all…

Mine is off an hour again today/tonight…
Now I have to dig out my old annoying alarm clock…
I like waking up to Pachelbel’s Canon

Or you could just offset your alarm for now.
:unamused: If you REALLY wanted to that is.

Most people wear watches.  I suggest you get one.

Theres Harbor View and Harbor Side.  Ones nice, ones not so nice


Wow, way to get your threads mixed up. How does one do that anyways, did you forget what topic you clicked or something? And In the thread YOU created too. Wow.

Great move for the reputation there billy dearest.

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