CityWest Internet

Heh-heh, funny stuff, man:-)  I feel your pain.

Lol even your test is like 12X my speed atm ><

Damn, internet is kinda slow today… 


There is nothing finer than downloading a file at 1mb/s and doing a speed test that gets those results, hehe.

I’m making a voodoo doll with your name on it, TR. :imp:  LOL.  You have some kick-ass speeds in the lower mainland! :sunglasses:  It is a nice afternoon in PR and our speeds blow. :smiley:

You know, I could deal with low speed. The problem is it seems like the whole freaking network turns off at a random intervals 3-6 minutes between each other. Think of it like this, if someone is using their microwave oven, the internet isn’t working.

It drives me nuts that a 3 minute walk away and I can get BCIT level bandwidth from the same building almost, but nooo not in the residence section.

I wonder if I can get my own internet connection here.

Are you in residence?  Are there a lot of students with internet access?

Chances are they’re all running P2P stuff and just saturating your link.

Tell the tech he needs to get a NetEqualizer. Looks like someone on your link is hogging the bandwidth, especially if it goes dead like that.

I’m told that’s not the case, no matter how much I tell them it probably is :stuck_out_tongue:

It also sucks when the network administrator blocks every port known to man, because of security reasons. At least Warhammer works (not that I can actually play it mind you ), but thats about it =p

I think I’m being lied to because they don’t want to recognize the poorly moderated traffic issue.

Anyone have any suggestions on how to get them to wise up and actually make my internet usable?

Took me 11 hours to download a 180Mb file >.>

LOL, pay more?

That’s the only thing I can suggest.

We actually pay what amounts to $40/month for “Network systems access” so… This is why I am a bit grumpy about the bandwidth I get.

Now if it was free I could just say screw your horrible network, hello Telus.

But even then service plans are a whore considering I’m only here for 8 months out of the year :neutral_face:

u live hear, Gcollins ?

and as other said there are different data plans, that may suit your needs…

We actually pay what amounts to $40/month for “Network systems access” so… This is why I am a bit grumpy about the bandwidth I get.[/quote]

Is that an optional fee?  Do you have a student union or something like that?

If it’s as bad as you say it is, then don’t pay the $40 and get a private ISP hookup. 

If your systems guys don’t care, complain (in writing) to their bosses.  If they don’t care, complain to their bosses too.  Put it in writing, in a registered letter, not an e-mail.

Unfortunately it’s a mandatory fee.

Signal Strength: 58%
Link Quality: 56%

Man how about I go buy them a wireless repeater while I’m at it.

Are you always on wireless?  Or is just as slow if you turn off wireless and use a cat-5 cable?

The problem is the network here is purely wireless, there are no jacks to plug into =/

Heh, if there are too many people on wireless, then that’s probably your problem. 

Add to that a few people using 2.4mhz cordless phones and other interference, plus the fact that you don’t have a really strong signal, and you have a reasonable explanation of why your internet connection sucks.

You can probably check to see if you’re losing wireless frames, if there are retransmits, etc.  If you’re getting lots of that kind of thing, then it would explain a lot.

That’s pretty much it, the packet loss is pretty monster.

The real problem is getting the network administrator to do anything about it.

I kid you not, he is totally the “do you have my stapler?” fat guy from office space. Complete with a “I don’t have to do anything but sit on my fat ass and eat McDonalds” mentality. So I think I have to talk to his boss to get him to move off his vibrating chair, which in most cases means I’m SOL.