CityWest Internet

Lately high speed Internet has been anything but.  meh. :angry:

My speed within town is similar to yours, downloading from the Price Rupert server is relatively speedy.  When I go out of town it blows. :imp:

You guys are gonna hate me for this…

Wow.  That is a kick-a$$ connection, man! :sunglasses:

Diggin’ my new connection

Oh man, that connection rocks.:sunglasses:  Here’s my speed with CityWest.

I think my teenager is downloading videos upstairs:-)

Hehe I was downloading Fedora 9 at 1.1 mb/s while I did that speed test :smiley:  10 megabyte internet FTW! 

That’s kick-ass, man:-)  CityWest regularly blows it seems…I dunno why. :imp:

Anyone have Citywest Cable Internet?  It’s supposed to be a lot faster (at least with downloading).

Is it available to business customers?  Are static IP addresses available?

  not at this time you would need something like No-IP

as for business I think so but not sure?


I’m a gamer, I would find the dynamic IP’s to be quite a good feature considering I get banned for such high pings daily :smiley:
Now that’s a tad better!
5.8Ghz connection w 36" drum antenna…

Fear the power of horrifyingly bad internet speed, where you are literally unable to stream video, audio, or play any sort of game without pulling your hair out in frustration from the lag.

You are entering, the University zone, run by probably the shittiest anti-social network administrator known to man.

I seriously bet I could train a moldy potato to run this network better than him.