Citywest Internet February 2009

Testing cable modem on Citywest’s Speedtest:

It’s a lot better during the day, though.  I guess the cable modems must be used a lot during the evening. 

Ladies and Gentlemen.

May I present to you the future of telecommunications, the very foundation of digital technology!

I am very pleased to announce that our network run on only the highest state of the art machines in existence today!

We’re a committed group of individuals determined to see that you get the best service and usability throughout the northwest.


ADSL service is okay in the morning, but, sucks at night.  I wish they’d replace or clean some tubes. :smile:

Hehe, I love these threads


LMAO:-)  That’s a kick-ass connection, TR! :sunglasses:

Old School 2-meg DSL is right where it should be:

Cable Modem last night:

and this morning:

So it’s just fine, except in the evening.

thats mine im happy with mine it downloads what i need in fine time on a wireless router

Ah yes, gotta love Shaw. Just wish the upload speed was abit faster though.