Citywest hits the big leagues

just got this email, obviously a scam, but really going after citywest customers LOL

Email error.
CityWest Web Mail has detected error in your email. It is
now 3 days,
that your emails are redirecting/coming to the CityWest Web
Admin Unit. Did you change your email?, To stop redirecting
of your
emails, you will have to confirm your ownership of this
according to our user’s policy. Click on Reply and email us
with the correct information bellow. Otherwise, your Account
will be turn off, and you will no longer be able to access
this Account.
Full Name:
Current City:
Email name:
Confirm Password:
Thank you for using Our Email Services.
CityWest Web Mail Support Unit

hmmmm citywest not using their email address LOL

Same policy as when I read @yahoo @gmail on anyone’s business card it goes right in the trash