Citywest Going Up Again

Just got my citywest bill online just now, yet another increase:

In 2011, the CRTC issued Regulatory Policy 200-291. The Policy decreases a
subsidy that lowered telephone rates for residential customers in High Cost
Servicing Areas, such as Prince Rupert. CityWest joined a group of similar
companies in lobbying the government to reverse the decision. However,
recently the Federal Cabinet turned down our request. As a result, residential
phone rates will be increasing in affected areas across Canada. The impact to
Prince Rupert is a monthly increase of $2.67 per residential telephone line,
which will be reflected on your September invoice.
Notice Of Rate Change On Select TV Packages

    Please be advised that effective September 1, 2012, the rate for Digital Basic 
    TV will increase by $3 per month. 

    For Digital Value Combo customers the rates for Digital Packs will increase as 

    Digital Theme Packs:$0.95 
    Wholesome and Superstations Packs:$1.45 
    Movies Plus:$1.96

We need to shut down these clowns. This is bullshit. CRTC must have some rules against removal of access by increased consumer cost!

How much is your landline? less than 20.00? if so suck it up or get a cell phone and see how much that saves you. I’m pretty much the last one to come to commywest’s defense but costs go up you cant expect your landline to be the same price until the day you die. They lost a subsidy and need to make it up the ‘cost’ somehow.

Its the digital cable that is going up that makes me mad… they make a ton of money elsewhere …

You appear to have the internet why do you need cable? vote with your wallet. I haven’t paid for cable since 2003 and don’t see myself ever doing so again.