Citywest digital cable

Hi guys just wondering if any of you tech  guys know much about digital cable, Citywest is going digital the line up is impressive, but the prices of the Motorola DCT 3416 is steep $575.00 I just went to ebay and bid on a Motorola COMCAST MOTOROLA DUAL TUNER DVR DCT 3412/2305, will these machines work with our Citywest system, I would go and ask but I know they will say “noâ€

I don’t know anything about the cable, but I do know that they didn’t mind me using my own ADSL modem.  So they might allow you to use the cable system you want.

I just visited the citywest website, they mention Terrace, but I didn’t see anything about this service coming to Rupert (I didn’t look too hard).  So you’re sure it’s coming to Rupert?

Yep I got the broucher from citywest today, their  doing a a early sign up for it, will be running in June… huge line up… and HD channels too…

I doubt they will allow you to buy another reciever off ebay to use there service…

Service in terrace starts in june, rupert over the summer. i know that they will be renting terminals like bell does with their equipement

Okay.  I’ve got full ADSL right now with CityWest.  So what is it going to cost me to get cable?  And will it be faster than ADSL?  (because ADSL is so bloody fast in PR) :imp:

we are not getting cable adsl we are getting digital cable vision… with HD this is the price with out reciever.
49.95 Basic combo
74.95 Digital max-combo
86.95 cine-max combo (movie channels 5 one is HD
94.95 Super-max Combo gets everything plus the XXX channels…
Motorola DCT 700 very basic cant do HD… intro offer $49.00 first one second is $100.00 or you can rent for 5.00 a month

Motorola DCT 3080 its also a PVR $375

Motorola DCT 3416 is PVR and HDTV $575 to buy

with any of the above you will also recieve analog  basic cable 35 channels at no extra cost

Thanks for the reply:-)

Whta the hell is cable adsl, no such thing 2 different types of connection.

Cable uses coax cable with a amplifier.

ADSL uses phone line, with a dslam box close by.

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I’m So sorry my fellow poster that I used words that didn’t make sense to one of you,  we are not getting high speed cable( I do know that there is no such thing as cable adsl, I should have said high speed cable) we are getting digital cable, with over 200 channels… I again apologise for the miscommunication. And to Jason bite me

Why such a change or heart ?

unlike you Jason, I will admit when I’m wrong or mistaken… unlike you who will never ever admit he is wrong…

and by the way I used terminology that people would have understood even if it was not properly used. 

Sheesh children, if ya’ll had already picked up a satelite dish then you wouldn’t be having this argument… :unamused:

YOU mean a free bell one :smiley:

Heh-heh.  I have a Star Choice dish and I’m reasonably happy with it (they do seem to be raising the price each year though…grrrrrrr).

yep I have a dish as well and the only thing I complain about is the goofy CRTC rules that won’t let me just pick the actual channels I want to watch, this whole tier of viewing thing is such a pain in the butt. For every two channels you want you end up taking four you hardly watch, much prefer to have an ala carte system.

Pick what I want and pay for them only.

Maybe one day, maybe one day.

Be interesting to see what CityWest is offering and if it comes close to what the dish companies provide, they seem to be adding a couple of new channels every month or so, thus they may always be ahead of CityWest in the number of channels that are available.