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Sigh; It’s been a while since I posted here but suffering through unbelievably crappy download services on CityWest’s ADSL service, prompted me to take a look at what Speed Test had to say.

While I’m having a bad day with download speeds barely approaching dial up… what struck me as interesting is that our municipal owned white elephant CityWest is only able to provide an average speed to it’s users 60% of what the rest of BC is getting. Note the ISP average for CityWest is 316 kb/s versus BC’s Average of 526.8 kb/s. 

Somehow, I’m having even more trouble believing CityWest is going to be able to compete with the big boys even if they bring in their 1x data services … umm has someone mentioned to Brown, the rest of BC has now upgraded to 3G data services? But then Brown is only the General Manager of Citywest while the real power rests with the CEO and Chair of CityWest… Darn… I just hope Gordon Howie won’t make a five million dollar budget mistake at CityWest.

Well enough crabbing… I see that CityWest and Council are finally going to hold the annual meeting of the corporation in December and the public are able to attend… presumably to hear from Herbie what a great future we will have with CityWest leading the way through the 20th century… since we are obviously destined to be stuck there with the current crowd at City Hall.

Is there any interest from the crowd at HTMF to attend the annual meeting?

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whoever, whatever you are I luv ya man. Good work. LOl you work for CityWest right.

I am definitely planning on attending this meeting.  It is time now to have some of our answers addressed.  I have already started preparing things that need attention and I think that all of you out there should be doing the same…

If you attend the meeting, please ask why they’re still charging the $6.95 system access tax on cellphone

Thankfully, soon we’ll have a lot of options on cellphone carriers, many of whom aren’t dishonest like Citywest mobility. … ssfee.html

Yeah, my contract with CityWest expires in June.  I hope they get text and data sooner than later. :imp:

There is something in the daily snewz tonight saying that they are closing citywest storefront in order to have staff help with the changeover to the new cellular network.  Perhaps that means that 1x is just around the corner!  :imp:

Citywest will be dragged kicking and screaming into the early 90s, gosh-darn it!

whats the big deal about having text and stuff in rupert
all you have to do is yell and they can hear you anyware
if you want that, get an unlocked iphone or in ipod touch and just surf the wifi
its free and there are free A/P’s everyware down town

Its about getting with the rest of the world.  We pay good money for what little service we get here.  I think they should just give us 1X for what we pay now!  The amount of money I pay Citywest…someone should be getting rich!  :stuck_out_tongue:

Can somebody tell me what the $25.00 a month is for?  Is it for access to their system?  If so, can somebody tell me what the $6.95 a month is for?  Is that for access to their system?  Aren’t they both the same?

It’s like buying a sweater at Sears for $25.00 (I’m a cheapskate, and I like cheap Cosby sweaters), and then getting to the checkout and being told there’s a $6.95 sweater fee.

CityWest must be sweating badly about now.  A big fish will shortly swim into their little pond.  CityWest…wake up…adapt…or die.

CityWest has posted their data plans rates here - … ember_2007 - prepare to get hosed.

And MIG - notice that they now include the system access and 911 fees in the package price - and of course the package price has increased by that amount.

Thanks, JJR.  That looks expensive indeed! :astonished:

Wow!  They’re dropping the system access fee!  7 years late – what made them change their minds all of a sudden?

I think maybe the noise people made may have had an impact.  I will be happy to see this system access fee disappear ( I will watch for this in the upcoming bill in December).  The system access fee is on my most recent bill.
Do you think the data, text rates from CityWest are appropriate, or too high?

Hmm don’t think they’re dropping it, more like hiding it, if I read the blurb from jjr correctly…

If you “increase” your package price by the same amount the the visible taxes once were, is that “dropping”…

(CityWest has posted their data plans rates here - … ember_2007 - prepare to get hosed.

And MIG - notice that they now include the system access and 911 fees in the package price - and of course the package price has increased by that amount.)

Including it in the price is the right thing.

Since the system access fee was really nothing different than an extra charge for the same service, then it should be included in the price.  It was sleazy, sneaky and dishonest to charge a fee separately.

Before, $25 was your fee for using the Citywest system.  $6.95 was the system access fee for um… using the Citywest system.  So the total was $32.95 for using the Citywest system.  But they could advertise $25/month!  Cheap!

Sort of like buying a sweater for $25, then being told that there’s an extra $6.95 sweater-buying-fee.  Um, isn’t that what the $25 is?

So at least now you can compare prices evenly.  There’s nothing wrong with being more expensive than the competition, as long as you admit it. 

Now the timing is weird.  Why wait more than 7 years to do the right thing? 

Building a non-existent fake charge into the full price is just optics – it’s like saying they’re going to include the GST.  But the reality is that the fake $6.95 charge went into the same pocket at the $25.00 fee.  There was no reason for it to be separate in the first place.  There’s no need for them to even mention it, because it doesn’t really exist.

I mean, why not say that they cell phone plan is $10/month, plus a $22 system access fee?  It doesn’t matter, the entire amount goes to Citywest.

Anyway, glad they’ve decided to get rid of it.  I guess the site will not go live afterall.

Citywest 250MB / month = $100.  Additional $3/MB.

Bell Canada Unlimited = $7/Month.

Citywest is on another planet, seriously.  In what world does it cost $100 to transfer 250MB? 

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(edit #2: looks like I suck even more than I thought)

Well it looks like Citywest is actually introducing the Bell plan… is that right?  $7/month unlimited?  If so, then wocka wocka wocka.  I have new respect for Citywest!

Here’s what HTMF will look like on your cellphone… 4 options (wap, wap2, imode, etc):
or if you have a browser capable:

I’m not sure I even want to click on those links, lol. :smile:

Oh, sorry, I just used tinyurl, 'cause long URLs sometimes bring the dreaded sideways scroll.

It’s basically adding “wap” or “wap2” etc to the end of HTMF URLs.