Citywest cable internet

Do I need a basic phone line for cable internet?
How is citywest going to sqeeze every coin out of my pocket if i choose cable internet over adsl

No you dont need a phone line to have cable internet…I think they can give you cable internet without cable tv…   I know shaw does…

I think cable internet might even be a few bucks cheaper than dsl… not much but a little cheaper…

Well city west will get the money out of you through cable instead of phone :smile:

Most new service is via cable…  as they ran out of space on adsl, or that was the story a while back… 

I got Cable TV and Cable Internet, Its around 80 Bucks a month, No phone

What’s the internet like?  Is it stable (ie: do you have to reboot things often?)

from my understanding one should wait a few more months before making the switch from adsl to cable. :smiley:

Would you care to clarify what you mean, Astro?  Are there problems?

no sorry… I cant… you understand other people read this site!!

I cant complain, Its been good, I havent been on ADSL so I cant compare

Thanks:-)  Just out of curiosity what kind of download speeds can you get on cable?  My speeds vary quite a bit on ADSL.  I have had as fast as 500 kb/sec, but, usually it is 100kb/sec or less…lately much less. :imp:

Yes.  I understand.  No worries, Astro:-)

I am on “premium” dsl and am interested in the speed and stability of the cable “high speed” connection.

when I first signed up for the premium dsl, My download speeds were about 700 KB/s download and 50 KB/s upload.

now that was really fast, however, from 8 PM to 8 AM the modem crashed in a continuous cycle every 5 to 10 seconds.

so I finally got really mad and demanded that they see what’s wrong with it even though they reported “no problems on their end”

but however they fixed it (on their end) by modifying the settings! :smiley:

which also kind of sucked at the same time because my new speeds were: 315 KB/s download and 47 KB/s upload.

so I also eventually grew tired of that and questioned why I was getting almost half the speeds I was supposed to, as I was paying for a “premium service”

after this they “fixed it on their end” again, and my speeds were at 550 KB/s download and 50 KB/s upload stable :smiley:

but now, I’m having problems with it again, continuous crash from 5 PM to 12 AM (and I don’t know about 12 am to 8 am because I’m sleeping)


I’ve had cable internet for two months now, no land line or cable into the house…works a hell of a lot better then adsl (haven’t had to reboot or
anything yet, no problems)  …works for me anyways…and cheap for the first 6 months

The problems shown in the video only happen when citywest messes with my connection :frowning:

Andrew… mine used to do the same thing. Premium service, constant rebooting. The only solution that ever came out of it was that they had to drop my speed to stabilize the connection.

Of course the price I pay each month didn’t drop… only the speed I was getting.

DSL is a fussy thing, and is always more susceptible to faults than cable. Couple of things its worth checking are:

  • Microfilters - The scourge of DSL. Get a dodgy filter and your screwed more or less.
  • Phone Cabling - May seem obvious, but when your working with a small wavelength on a copper wire, this can have a HUGE effect.

Also depends on the type of DSL Citywest are running. Standard DSL it’s simpler, but you will get lower speeds, only up to 2 Meg. I expect they are in the realms of DSL Max (or could be branded differently over there) which can give you speeds of up to 8 meg, Problem is that it can take a few weeks of line monitoring for them to get the ‘max’ speed your line can use. If they are just slapping you up to 8, but not optimising the line, your going to get an disgusting amount of connection drops which makes it unusable.

If they suddenly drop your speed, I expect its to give you a more stable connection without really trying to get the best out of it… simple, but annoying for you!

Is there some rule that youtube videos have to use that song? :wink: 

Show someone at Citywest that video, they’ll definitely help you out.  It’s not just in your head :wink:

Is there some rule that youtube videos have to use that song? :wink:[/quote]

Hehehe it’s just that when I listen to this song I picture something crazy, like a clown being chased around in a circle non-stop (or something :smiley:)

that’s how this modem makes me feel

:imp:Ok Im going to Rant…After a technician came out to the house and changing out a box my internet still sucks… I have gone from having 3 Ip’s to 1 Ip …No big deal…
I have to reset my modem 5 to 15 times in a day… some times minutes apart from the last reset.  :imp:
today I phoned and left a message. 7 am and again at 9:30 then again at 3:30 then I phoned again at 5 pm…NO CALL BACK no explanation NO nothing. :imp:…I’m a fairly Patient person :smiley:…BUT I’m at the end of my rope…If we had more then one provider I would change …This is the first time I have said it… I have been a a Citywest Supporter and backed them But Not anymore … If people continue to  complain about them I’m not going to say anything Positive that’s for sure… 

Sorry David you have been great at explaining to me what going on… and yes their is a lot of good people who work for Citywest…

I hope they can fix the problem in a timely manner… I find the problem strange as I have lived in the same house for 3 years with out problems up until a few months ago…
whle writing this post my internet went out 2 times…
Thanks for letting me vent…

Good old Benny Hill Theme… Stupid show mind you

so my Internet has been down since this morning, thank god for the iPhone. Anyways the tech guy is coming out in the next few days but more importantly I made the switch to cable will have it hooked up in a few weeks. So I will post my speeds.