I see Citywest has put up their new site:


They must be feeling the pressure of Rogers coming.  They say they’re going to be offering data services.

I see they list “premium DSL” for $49.95… is this available? When I signed up for my existing $39.95 account about two years ago, they said that they couldn’t give it to me.

is rogers going to do the whole cell cable and internet thing to?

I’ve got the 50 dollar stuff.
For telecommuting it was nice to have an internet connection that wasn’t as spotty.

Don’t get me wrong there were still times when there was no internet, but not half as much as on regular.

3 static IPs.

Frankly, I’m not impressed with their new design. Or the flow thereof. And without proper SEO  it’s just bad. Not even meta-tag insertions; keywords and the like. Perhaps they’re en-route. Oh my…

Oh well. Such is life. :smile:

Actualy the web designer has some good stuff. … how=recent

However Citywest must of got a little cheep with there design.

Yea. I’m all too familiar with BCDesignWorks. I’ve had to deal with Sandra herself too many times. I won’t get into details, but I refuse to even look their way anymore and I suggest anyone looking for a web site not look their way, either.

And this is not simply because I do it and want to needlessly “cut in” on their marketshare - but if you’re curious as to why I disagree, so strongly, with BCDW (Formerly BCWeb), PM me. hehe… :smile:

Curious to know, when is rogers expected here?

I think I heard it will be November.

Of course this being Rupert, that probably means that it’s at least another six months away, as we seem to have a problem bringing most of our projects on line when promised…

gaming centre, shopping village … :wink: