Citywest and mobile data services

I noticed the story about the Citywest fiber link on thePodunkian’s site

This part was funny:

The Fibre-link was the first step towards the Digital Cable TV planned for early fall and is also essential to the mobile data services, such as text-messaging capability and Blackberry devices, expected to be available in Prince Rupert as early as the end of the year.

“I’ve done some checking around with businesses in town and they don’t see a demand for [mobile data services],â€[/quote]

If Rogers came to town, shity tell would be screwed, rogers offers phone cable and Cell phone. So many people would move to rogers.

When I read that article in the paper I too noticed the conflicting message. It was bad enough that I read through a second time to make sure I wasn’t missing something. I bet the guy being interviewed just thought he could wing it and it would all work out. As Mig said… that guy needed to write down some talking points.

I knowe i would move to Rogers just cause shitty tel charges and arm and a leg cause there is no competition…if there was i think there would a price change and attitude change…I hate waiting in line for the internet ppl…they really nice but i waited 15 min before they even seen me!

Yes the business strategy there seems a little off…

Sheesh, imagine if ole Henry Ford had said “well, there’s not much demand yet for this newfangled automobile thing, so maybe we’ll just wait and see if anybody asks”

I dunno, if you don’t offer a service how will you know if anyone really wants it?

Of course, this is the same group that seem to have just noticed that the sat tv industry took a good share of their market and now are trying to battle back, all be it in a rather delayed fashion. 

If Rogers eventually figures out what it’s going to do, it may be a rather short reign in the cellular and text world for CityWest…

I’ve got a contract with citytel for 1 year.  I’ll see what is being offered when my contract is up.
If Rogers is in town with data and text…bye bye citytel.
Time to get with the times citytel.

That news story was a bit strange.  Two of CityWest’s biggest customers - Prov of BC and Northern Health - sign deals for access on the fibre link but there is no demand for 1X data service?? I don’t know where Rob Brown figured that out.  I have to reveal that I work for Northern Health in the IT department and we clearly told CityWest in a meeting that Rob Brown attended that we needed 1X services.  Although it is not highest on our list (reasonably priced access on the fibre link is much higher) it is still a request.  So how is there no interest from the business community when one of your largest customers tells you that they would like that service?  Strange indeed.  We are scratching our heads and wondering …

My contract on my cell was up 2 years ago, and I haven’t got a new phone or contract since then as I was waiting for either a different provider, or different services I would need a better phone for.

Until that happens, my cell use is quite minimal compared to what I would like to be using.  If data and text messaging came through, I would be getting a new phone (possibly a blackberry or similar) and using those services to the best of my ability.  We are behind the times enough living in Rupert alone… why make us even further behind with our technology?

i would move to another service provider in a heart beat…
i hate shittywest…and anyone that knows me-well knows
i spend a fortune on more then 4 cell phones, residential,
adsl, business:cell,phone line, adsl and lets throw in long distance…

i was in a small ass town in Nova Scotia for a period
of time a few years back and even they had freakn text
messaging, data & internet services on cells and at a
fraction of what i’m paying here…

I’d also like to have data and text messaging.  My Citywest phone works down here in Delta and in Alberta and through BC.
When I was walking through the mall in Richmond yesterday everyone and his dog had a shiny text-messaging cel…must be nice:-)
I hope Citytwest is waking up to the reality that when the container port becomes operational they should be offering more mobile services for customers.

And I’m sure the same was told to them by the Province of BC. The BC Government uses all kinds of digital services, everywhere but Prince Rupert who doesn’t supply them.

The only reason Brown said there is no call for it in Rupert… Is Because they DON’T OFFER IT!!! We pay $10 bucks more a month for internet than the rest of Canada and have the WORST ping in North America! I have been on them for 4 years to offer better services and they told me that they don’t have the $$$$ to upgrade. Rupert has a few embarrassments when visitors come to town, our communications network is on the top of the list. I just dropped my Cell phone from ShityWest and now have a Telus account with a Terrace number. I know this is a bit of a hassle for people to call me using the roaming number… BUT… who cares… I save cash and ShityWest isn’t gettting my hard earned $$$$ anymore!!!
PS: Rogers IS not that much better… We better hope Telus gets here First!

Do you guys remember how awesome Citytel was in the mid '90s?

They were early adopters of ADSL to the home, but unfortunately, we haven’t seen too much in the way of upgrades since then.

Like I said in previous threads, citywest computers in their dungen were great back 10 years ago but they have not been able to upgrade as the way it was set up, it would take forever and we would not be able to comunicate with the outside for some time, everything would be down, phone, cell and internet… I dont think the good people of rupert would stand for it…

Telus sucks compared to Rogers.

Rogers has way better handsets, way better packages. Telus has shitty phones. Plus it cost’s you money to change phones, IE GSM means you take your sim chip out put it into another handset POOF your up and running, TELUS you have to call in and OH they charge you 18$ to do it too BOO HIS… screw telus.

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Well… I would PAY to have GREAT service!!!.. Blah blah blah… “Better Phones”… who cares what phone you have IF YOU DON’T HAVE SERVICE!!!

Cellphones not wanted in Slocan Valley

Kids sitting in the back seat, texting messages and photos snapped out the window to the kid they’re squashed up against.
Explaining to employee after employee that I don’t pay you to take calls on your cellphone.
The ‘what’s wrong with you’ look from a passenger because I didn’t answer the ringing phone while I’m passing a truck at 120 km.
Paying a fee for people who call me, wrong number. For junk texts.
The assumption of callers that they are so fucking important I am going to drop what I’m doing to yak with them.
The habit of every female I know and have ever texted to to make just one more txt when the conversation has ended by txt’ing K.
The gradual erosion in schools where it’s now sometimes acceptable to carry one in class instead of leaving it the locker with the ringer turned off.
The complete loss of manners as people stop a face to face conversation to answer, answer calls in a checkout line instead of paying their bill and getting the fuck out of my way, and disrupt every movie so that I’d rather wait for the video.
Oooh I really need texting!
Oooh I really need camera-phones!
Oooh I’m so important I must have instant access to everyone.