CityWest adds seven HD channels, more to follow

CityWest adds seven HD channels, more to follow
August 11, 2009
PRINCE RUPERT, BC – CityWest has added seven new HD channels to its digital cable line-up for customers in Prince Rupert, Port Edward and Terrace.

APTN HD, CTV West HD, City-TV HD, TVA HD, Global West HD, Raptors NBA TV HD, and The Score HD will make up a new HD-theme pack available at no extra charge for customers who currently subscribe to all of the company’s digital theme packages.

“Once you’ve seen something in high definition, it’s hard to watch anything else, so we’re committed to continue to add more high definition channels in the futureâ€

I was on expressvu, and have switched to digital.  I miss the Sports packages (NFL, NHL, etc.)

What’s the Citywest HD PVR like?  Is it still crippled?

great no complaints whats crippled?

I’ve been happy with Citywest HD TV… I don’t use a PVR, and I didn’t have satellite before, but I don’t have any problems.

The Score HD is a welcome addition.

You don’t need that PVR to get HD?  Which box do you have, Eso?

I thought we had the discussion here in the past and the PVR had its ports all turned off?  ie: you couldn’t just record a show and then save it to an external hard drive using USB or whatever.

I have a digital cable receiver that is not a PVR. Citywest carries them (always has?).

It’s the DCT 6200, third one on the list: … _top_boxes

Ah, I see.  I don’t think they had that one at launch?  Or maybe I’m just confused.

Anyway, so $275 to buy it?  How much to get HD with satellite?

I switched from Starchoice to CityWest digital cable last fall - but just have the SD PVR (I think it is the DCT 3080) - still have an old 27" CRT - can’t quite bring myself to pay the outrageous prices for a new LCD or Plasma TV (and the higher electricity costs) … I just figured out the other day how to get in to the Admin portions of the PVR and from what I can see the USB and RJ45 ports are active - I haven’t tried to connect my laptop or anything to the gadget so I don’t know if those ports are really active or not - and I also understand that the formatting on the hard drive is proprietary and not the normal computer formatting etc (mind you it is all Motorola chips in any case so you could probably figure out a way around things - and there is a post out there on the internet on how to add a larger hard drive to the PVR) …

Myself i use Starchoice and i love it, the service is great however none of my tv’s are HD,
so i guess im missing out

I still think TV Torrents is the way to go.  They do offer 720p.mkv,  which if I am correct can be converted into blueray.  My dvd player does not play them so I just get the standard .avi files,  quicker to download as well. 

The site is invite only, unfortunately I have only 2 to offer up. Memberships are pretty hard to come by from what I understand.  I will not sell them, so the first two people who can write me a PM, and in under 50 words write as to why they should have the invitations.  I’ll pick the best two and post them in a different forum. Creativity goes miles with me,  and don’t let the truth get in the way of a good story.

The invitations will come with 20 gigabytes credit each.

I’m the same way, I don’t watch any shows as they happen on TV, I wait until a complete season (or even better, a complete series!), and watch episodes at my leisure. Live TV is for sports.

My wife and I are almost finished the entire run of Deep Space 9, watching 2-3 episodes/week.

Yeah, I also love Star Choice.  I really like the picture quality, it is crystal clear.  I’ve got a HD satellite dish and a HD PVR which is very cool to play with.  
I’m saving up for a HD TV, one of those Sharp Aquos units.

My wife and I are almost finished the entire run of Deep Space 9, watching 2-3 episodes/week.[/quote]

How does that feel, saying “my wife” ?  I wrote that for the first time today.  Freaky.

Anyway, yeah, I don’t waste my time with live TV unless it’s sports or news.  Everything else is Boxee or AppleTV! 

panasonic viera is a great line too

Okay.  Thank you, decker.  I’ll also take a look at those units as well.  :smile:

Its cool, i think although i have been calling my partner “my wife” for a couple of years now, but its cool being married finally