Citytel buys monarch cable

how can a town broke as we are buy monarch cable, This just blows me away. fix the fucking roads, fix the leaking water the sewer systems, open the fricking pool longer. I just dont get it. Someone please explain it to me… :blush:

the city didnt buy it… citytel is a company owned by the city now…

Citytel is now a company, free of the city, the municipal act and other hinderances, and got their financing through financial institutions.

No one would lend the City of PR this kind of money, nor under the municipal act can they borrow this kind of money through financial institutions as far as I know. As an incorporated company Citytel can and apparently did do this.

There will be a complete press release on this tomorrow.

VMS worte:

The whole story was in The Daily News today - what are you waiting for the radio to read the paper over the air?

Hey, you know what? Some of us don’t get the paper, and rely on both the headlines, and for our local news.

I understand that part but here is the kicker… how long has this been in the works fucking citytel just incorperated in the last 24 hrs… they just didnt come to a relization of buying monarch cable today this has been in the works for months and the people of prince rupert didnt know… as well now they are a monopoly they could have internet cable soon too. I mean where does it stop or start…

I really like this news. CityTels already large profit margin just got a whole lot bigger. I just hope that some money still comes to City Hall and doesnt sit in a CityTel bank account somewhere.