City’s water pipeline damaged by landslide

The main pipeline that carries Prince Rupert’s water supply was damaged as a result of the last batch of nasty weather the region suffered. The wind and rainstorm of mid October resulted in two minor landslides along the Woodworth main water supply pipeline, resulting in the need for repairs to be made once safety issues can be addressed along the site.

As luck would have it, at the time the city was using its alternate source of water as they were in the process of making welding repairs to the main pipeline when the landslides arrived.

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That’s good luck, eh?  But maybe 'cause we’ve been on this “alternate” source of water, it would explain the colour of the water we’ve all been noticing?

Well good luck in that the pipeline we were using at the time wasn’t taken out, which would have provided for more problems due to the pressure of the water through the lines is my understanding, though I’m not an engineer so who knows eh…

But yest it would most likely account for the rather darkish nature of the water these days, which probably is good for a healthy jump in sales of bottled water eh…  :wink: