City workers gain 18.25% more over five years

We are very pleased and we think it’s a very responsible contract on both sides," --Mayor Herb Pond commenting on the new labour agreement between the city and its workers…

There will be peace on the Prince Rupert civic labour front for at least the next five years as the City and its unionized workers have reached a labour agreement to take the city through to 2012.

In negotiations that must have been conducted under the cone of silence, considering the lack of discussion or public posturing that normally goes with these things, the The City of Prince Rupert and its unionized workers negotiated the labour agreement to provide a new five year deal to replace the old contract which expired on December 31, 2007

CUPE representing the city workers will be able to take back to their membership five years of forward momentum at the pay window, providing for their first raises in ten years. City workers will receive a 3% raise in 2008, 3% in 2009, 3.25 in 2010, 3% in 2011 with an additional 1.5% on July 1st and 3% again in 2012 with another 1.5 on July 1st…

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Did someone say that there is an Election in November!!!

Yes. :smile: