City-wide wireless network in Prince Rupert

Did this ever happen? I read in the daily snooze that this would or could become reality. A wireless network that anyone with a wireless setup could connect to for FREE! :smiley:

If so, what exactly do I need? I don’t have anything wireless yet, but I am willing to pay. Initially, then the rest would be gravy.

Let me know, pls.

Unfortunatly, Vancouver is beyond the limitations of our network.


Learn something everyday, I didnt think handoffs were supported under current wifi implementations. That being said I cant wait for 802.11r

anyone east side?


Just be an uberdork and cruise around with a homemade antenna …in a black Jeep Cherokee. : P

You’ll find a whole bunch of networks that you can borrow.

Did I give the impression I’m currently out of town? I am actually rusting away here in ol’ PR. So, I just need a wireless connection to pull this off?


Look at your location under your login name.

In Vaaaaannngcouver anywhere I open my laptop there’s at least 3 open networks. All named ‘default’ on channel 6…

Leeeeeeeeeeeeeeroy Jenkins!

Does anyone live in this general area?

Right by the park on 10th east is kinda where the pin is right?

I know of at least one poster who lives in a blue area. I’m guessing you are wanting to know if there’s a wireless hub or whatever you call it nearby?

Nah I’m on 10th E just about the ‘e’ in ‘rupert’

Yeah with longer range and speed with 802.11n, wireless is starting to look feasible in pr.