City west speed limits


We have recently changed our adsl speed anf I have not noticed a difference.  I am wondering if there is a cap on Torrent clients, as that is where I am not seeing any difference.  I cap out at 200Kb to 210Kb  and that pretty much eats up my connection. it was that way before I changed speeds.

Any Ideas??

I download at 500 kbs most of the time and there is talk about capping speeds between working hours, but it’s just talk. Phone CityWest they will help u out.

It is early, so my speeds are good.  My downloads will soon die when my 14 year old fires up her Macbook. :smile:

Not able to post my speed like that hitest,  but I am getting 2500 to 3000,  however I am capping out at 200 for Vuze.  The settings for that program are not caped,  Ie: unlimited download speed set in Vuze.  Can City west cap certian traffic??

I have a question for Rupertites: Are you seeing your speeds slow down at certain times of the day? Or is it all the time?
Here in the Fort people are saying that DSL seems slow during “peak” hours, and I’ve noticed intermittent timeouts and stuff on our DSLs too.
My RBC page seemed slower than dialup yesterday, and I got an email from a guy I was troubleshooting yesterday: at 2 pm when I tested his speedtest was ~1200 and he says it was ~200 -300 from 9 pm to 10pm just like he’s been claiming.
My suspicion here is that THE outgoing fibre (betcha there’s only ONE) is saturated at peak times.
-to be exact the router port, the fibre can do 2 terabits, never heard of a router that could match that.

Yep, sure do Herbie, the after school effect is quite noticeable.

Yeah our whole town is calling asking how to make The Internet go faster. Two ppl today said Telus talked them into buying new modems to get faster connections.
Ah-yuhhhh!!! :astonished: