City west is the biggest joke in canada

Can the cell service be any shittyer, can the internet be any slower , go any where in else in canada the service , prices and options make are local company look like shit. telling people who don’t live in prince rupert that my cell phone carrier is city west is embarising, explaning the service we get here is a joke. citywest GO F**k yourself!

Having some problems with your phone are you?

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The frustration level of infuriated Citywest consumers never seems to surprise me. The only thing I find more surprising is the manner in which Citywest exponentially exacerbates the situation with their appointed front-line people. Rude, condescending and patronizing customer service reps.

High prices. Immediate disconnections. Lack of escalation. A person or company dealing with Citywest must take it upon themselves to procure the phone numbers of the “good people” that a person usually cannot reach. Colin in the PBX department, Leeanda in Line Repairs and Dave and Keith - if you don’t have these numbers you are set for a very hard time indeed.

Actually the customer service side is excellent service I found…well after waiting in line for 10 mins…then when 2 reps were free they asked me to wait a few minutes.

When you do actually get served I find the service good.

You can always make a switch to Rogers/Fido if you wish. Would’ve been nice if Rupert and the rest of Northern BC have 3G coverage.

And as for Internet… my sympathy.

I made the switch from CityWest to Rogers a year ago.  The coverage on the Rogers network is consistently good.  I don’t have dropped calls or text problems.

Would’ve been nice if Rupert and the rest of Northern BC have 3G coverage.[/quote]

Both Bell and Telus offer 3G service in Rupert, as well as the rest of Northern BC.

My understanding is that Citywest isn’t able or willing to do number portability, so you’ll have to get a Port Edward number.  But it’s still a local call in Rupert.

But, shhhh… don’t tell anyone who is still considering buying an older CDMA phone from Citywest that they can get a 3G phone from Bell or Telus.  Citywest is banking on the fact that people don’t understand CDMA/GSM or what HSPA or 3G means :smile:

#'s you need are 627-0927 for greg and 627-0984 for keith. make sure to leave lots of voice mails its the only thing that works, if you start to grind on them with repeated calls they will take care of you, if you dont they wont. They are a shining example of the old “the squeaky wheel gets greased” .

Ive never had a dropped call in Rupert…tons in vancouver…and if you want bad internet …go to Nelson…my friends there cant even stay on line for an entire evening

Why not go straight to the top and phone Jack and ask him why a virtually bankrupt city is still trying to compete with National carriers that are doing a better job at less money for virtually every other community in Canada west of Thunder Bay?

I never had any issues with CityWest before making the switch because I wanted an iPhone. With Rogers, I find that I do have some deadzones in some buildings, especially the hospital.

I also recently had a pretty bad experience with Rogers that has left me picking up a very hefty bill for a new iPhone after they refused to repair my broken one under the manufacturer’s warranty. I broke my phone in a similar situation with CityWest, they fixed it free of charge.

gee i lived out on the north shoire in nelson and man the net was 3 times as fast as the fastest internet service in rupert

Going Monday to recover have a radio. The customer “shouldn’t have to” trim the trees in front of it or move it. Besides their Telus stick is cheaper and faster.
Yep and they’re so fucking dumb they
a) couldn’t download AVG all by themselves and couldn’t install it off a CD when I gave them it
b) used their stick inside my store because it’s obviously better than the free cafe wireless that’s only a full 10Meg
c)required help every three minutes to install AVG and managed to click on the trial instead of the free install.
d) didn’t have a fucking clue what that little Telus connection manager message stating they’d just used 138MB meant when they disconnected, and how they’d used over 1/4 their monthly allotment in 10 minutes and AVG wasn’t even updated yet.
e) will be back when they get their $1000.00 bill from Telus and I’ll have to tell them to fuck off, don’t want you as a customer.

I also recently had a pretty bad experience with Rogers that has left me picking up a very hefty bill for a new iPhone after they refused to repair my broken one under the manufacturer’s warranty. [/quote]

Should have called the manufacturer?  If it was a warranty issue, Apple would have given you a new phone.

I have (had) a 2-year old iPhone 3G from Rogers.  I went to and put in my serial #, selected “battery life issues” from the menu, and 3 days later I had a brand new iPhone, swapped out the SIM and sent them my old one.  Free.  They even paid shipping. 

Now thats good service another good example it the service you get from logitech

Logitech mice are freaking precise and indestructible.

I love my VX Nano…

and if you phone tham and say its broke and give them a serial number they send you a new one , quality parts quality service

Citywest should not be allowed to hold monopoly for landline phone services as well as cable tv when there is shaw cable,telus tv,rogers tv why should we have to put up with crappy shitty west the cty is held at ransom.