City West Internet

Does anyone else’s internet , that is okay during the day time , move at a dead crawl later at night ?

nope pretty good on east side for me on cable

Very happy with mine on the west side cable Q 20

Q 20 also.dsl 5 meg would crap out peak times before switch to cable though

Can’t figure out why mine slows right down .Im on Quantum

A good router can improve your speed. A cheap router can be a bottle neck. That may or may not be your issue. Perhaps give CityWest Internet support a call?

This is my current speed as of 5:35 PM Today

I pay for Quantum 15
Router = Asus RT-N66U

I see my speed drop after 7:00 pm in the evenings to 1.5 Mbps until shortly after midnight consistently.

Some of my theories to my issues:

-City West is throttling me because my house hold downloads a lot during this time for games.
-We are on a cable modem and there are a lot of users in my area. Not as good as the old days of DSL where you didn’t have to share the bandwidth in your housing area.
-Maybe just configuration error within City West for my area. Or a modem on the way out???

Someday I hope to get to the bottom of it by contacting City West. Just never have the time and patients to deal with the 3rd party support services. Maybe I will look into it tonight…

Right now at 6pm i am getting 19.48 on Q 20
8 pm east side Q 15

Quantum 20 right now.

Asus RT-AC66U router

Now my speed at 10:52 PM tonight when no one is on the internet but me doing a speed test.

Thanks for the info everyone !!

Guess I’ll get a new router and maybe upgrade to Quantum 20

Sounds like a good plan to me. I’m really sold on Asus routers.