City West Cell Phones

I am glad I am decided to stick with Speak Out from 7-11 (Rogers)
If I change to call plan it will also be Rogers through East Wind
Everytime I talk to a friend on his citywest cell the call drops…
Anyone else having similar problem?  I thought the internet was bad enough but what the heck are we paying for in this town…?
Just Figured out that there is a cell outage tonight again!

I had a CityWest cell phone for a number of years.

I would get missed calls in different parts of town.

One time I had to dial 911, the call got dropped.

I am happy with my Speakout phone.  Call quality is good and I am saving a couple of hundred dollars per year.

I got rid of my citywest cell phone last year about this time.  I’m on a plan with Rogers; my new cell functions well.

  Me too… good little phone, for basic cell usage… works great out of town.  :smiley:

Hey guys I don’t wanna start a thread hijack or resurrect an old one so I figured I comment on a topic of relevance. Can I buy a Bell Pay/Use SIM card and use it in my iPhone 3G? It’s from bell. I went into the source and they had told me they don’t have local numbers so it would be long distance.
Is it at all possible to do the same workaround that Rogers does and use 1-250-600-xxxx?

There was a guy on here before with a Port Edward number on his Bell iPhone. You could always ask then to port an existing number if you have one.

Or you could try Telus.

Ya Ya Shitty West… ive had the same problems making calls and sending texts most times i have to resend them at least twice and the third one gets sent…Good quality service? I THINK NOT! too bad i got till january till my contract runs up then im goin across the street to Rodgers.
Rodgers cant be that bad they bought GM place HAHAHA

EF YOU SHITTY WEST this is the year 2010 get out of the 90’s you got alot of unhappy customers.

I would buy a new phone and change but nothing beats the cost of Citywest. I pay $45 month and get afternoons and evenings free, 100 daytime minutes. I have only heard people with the smartphone say they pay 30 cents a minute, that sounds like it could add up really fast! Is there a monthly affordable option with anyone else?

I think all the other companies have similar plans. Rogers, Bell, Telus, etc.

I am certain you can get even cheaper packages than $45/month.