City wants 40km/h along the urban stretch of Highway 16

Gems coming out of this lovely town never seizes to amuse me…


Unless the city gave up on fixing stupid, I think they should focus on teaching kids about why skating on the left lane is a bad idea.

Also Rupert is known for hillbilly drivers, so making them drive as fast as a granny wouldn’t make a difference IMO.

Could this be politicizing by the City? This has been discussed in the past. It could be another tactic in trying to be heard by the Ministry. … 1&sponsor=

“If elected I would support the development of the Wantage Road bypass project by the Province and the Port and continue lobbying the Ministry of Transportation and the Premiers office. The silver lining to the current economic downturn in the United States and potentially Canada is that it may reduce the traffic to the container port that comes in trucks - which I understand is already a smaller amount as the overwhelming majority of traffic to the container port comes from rail.”


so punish drivers to slow down on a highway so idiots can jaywalk and not look out for traffic


I’m guessing attempts at raising city revenues. The empty four-lane stretch of Park Ave seems to be the perfect place for speed traps.