City council’s four per cent solution

The decision was a week delayed and the original plan was tossed aside, but Monday night Prince Rupert’s Mayor and council finally came to a consensus of sorts on just how much more of a tax load the residents of Prince Rupert can bear.

The number is…… Four per cent. The five per cent planned deemed as too steep, the 3.5 per cent idea just not enough cashola for the needs of a vibrant port city. So the mushy middle number of four was the one that popped out of the bingo machine.

The Mayor apparently feeling frustrated with the nights activities, suggested that he felt like someone who may be destined for a stint as a game show host Pond then said, “I feel like Howie Mandell on Deal or no Deal.” (We here at Podunk however think he has more of an Alex Trebek thing happening though!)…

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