City Council sits on the sidelines for over a month?

By the time they assemble that old gang again at City Hall; over one month of time will have passed by.

With the March 25th session of City council reportedly having been cancelled with its waiting agenda still posted on the city website, we find that the last time that council met in an open public forum and for which public published minutes were provided, was March 10th.

The next scheduled council meeting is set for April 14, marking a 34 day absence of accountable and transparent governance. Making our civic government almost as inclined towards downtime as our provincial representatives, who have perhaps the best deal in all of elected politics, such is the light load of onerous debate at the legislature.

However, as civic governance is the most immediate one for the people, the prospect of more than a month between council meetings certainly doesn’t paint the picture of an essential service for the people…

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You know, they could have called “special” meetings of the council to make up for the lost meetings…or maybe that would have seemed like too much work??  :unamused: