City Council 2008 - 2011

Feeling flameproof today…

I submit that Prince Rupert needs to broaden the scope of perspectives on City Council in next year’s civic elections.

I also submit that Prince Rupertites tend towards electing buddies/friends - and not spend much time thinking about what sort of functioning Council the City needs.

I acknowledge that I am an idealist when it comes to democracy. I believe that real democracy is possible - but only when the citizenship engages on a regular basis. Even better when people have put some thought into what they DO want - not just what they DON’T want.

Since we all seem to be so open on htmf - I propose a dialogue about what type of City Council Rupertites think would serve our community best.

Think about things like:

What type of decisions/actions do you want to see coming out of City Hall?

What are the characteristics of a Council that would make those decisions?

Where do you want to see Prince Rupert by 2011?

In the last election, there were…what?..17 people running for 6 council seats. With some thought ahead of time, perhaps we can avoid another cluster-f@$k and actually bring some real change to council…if change is what it needs…

I keep hearing a phrase on here - “armchair quarterbacks” - perhaps the opinionated, local membership of htmf can stimulate some thought about next years’ civic election.

OK - blast away - tell me this is boring or stupid - crack jokes about the individuals on council …

…or perhaps there are some valid contributions to make towards influencing the direction of OUR City.

Is there a set date for the next election?

Is there a set date for the next election?[/quote]

Municipal election dates in BC are fixed - the 3rd Saturday in November - in 2008, the date is November 15.

So, we have a bit more than a year before the election. Unless the Province immediately approves and implements the UBCM request to extend municipal terms to 4 years.

This is a great thread. There are so many issues…where to begin?

I would like to see the protectionist merchants in town lose a little influence when it comes to decisions concerning competition.

I’d like to see someone with the nerve to take CNR/PRPA to task concerning the waterfront and its underdevelopment concerning civic use.

I’d like to see loitering laws passed/enforced. Sick of seeing people just “hangin’ out” on 2nd and 3rd Ave with nothing better to do.

Let’s put cops where they’re needed on the beat and away from stop signs.

I’d like to see designated dog parks.

I’d like to see a new mayor.

I’d like to see yard cleanliness bylaws passed/enforced. Enough of the blue tarps a mouldy boats sitting on blocks decaying before my eyes.

I’d like the domestic animal bylaw amended to allow a limited amount of chickens per household (I’m not kidding).

I’d like the municipal politicos to take responsibility for making a $5,000,000 CDN mistake.

I would like to see some of the old Grass Roots people in town come back and take a few seats, there still are some out there who I believe are not afraid to speak out on issues. Maybe some people who were on the old Kuz council and I do not mean Basso and her little gang. But there are some very serious issues out there and if it is left up to Pond and his band of merrymen they will not be addressed by then. Yes CN must be taken to task re the waterfront that is for sure.

Hopefully there will be more people running for mayor instead of 2 like the last election. I don’t really mind Herb, but I really want to look at “better” alternatives this coming election.

I would also like to see some of the grass roots people come back. But I’d also like to see new Rupertites come forth and bring new and creative perspectives and solutions to old and stagnant problems. We need a political tsunami in this town.

We need leaders who don’t pander to special interest groups. When I see His Worship Pond cozy up to one group for political votes it makes me want to vomit. Complete insincerity. I actually shudder everytime he takes the podium.

:wink: how about an htmf endorsed candidate for either mayor and/or council?

…seriously though, the thought made me laugh out loud…just had to share…

I’m thinking of running for mayor, so how about endorse me.

BTW I got -3 karma.

w00t w00t!!!

Well you’ve done such a wonderful job with North Korea, it’s hard to believe you’d want to tackle the issues here…

Then again your karma is going in the wrong direction,

so, NO vote for you!

Talk about a rally killer.

poolboy said:

“Talk about a rally killer.”

I say:

I didn’t realize change meant inciting frenzied mobs. I thought it was about issues concerning people and taxpayers. Since I’m both, shut your goddamn yap if you can’t contribute meaningfully.


I think I’m doing the right thing.

You don’t speak for us…

How about you bark for DPRK from now on.

Let’s leave livestock on farms and off the island. If you want fresh chicken, go to the grocery store. If you want it as a pet… just… no.

I think it’s safe to say we’re all taxpayers here–so you shut YOUR goddamn yap and let everyone contribute in whatever way they think is reasonable.

eccentric says:

“Let’s leave livestock on farms and off the island”

I say:

Why leave livestock off Kaien Fortress? Should I depend on corportate stores entirely for my family’s food? What about becoming more self reliant? What about the quality and safety of food? Should I promote more emmisions of greenhouse gases into our atmosphere for food that comes from all over the world? Wouldn’t it be better for us, our community, and our planet if we were granted permission to produce our own food?

Remember: A perfect fortress is a perfect tomb

eccentric says:

“let everyone contribute in whatever way they think is reasonable”

I say:

Reactively hammering on someone’s contribution (“talk about a rally killer”) without thinking the point through is not reasonable nor does it contribute to meaningful discourse. Case in point.

金正日 says:

“You don’t speak for us…”

I say:

You assume too much. I never claimed to speak for anyone. I can barely speak for myself.

Stay focused


Tell you what, P.LAO, throw in legalizing polygamy and I’m on your krazy karpet ride!

poohboy said:

“throw in legalizing polygamy”

I say:

Why legalize? Just do. Let’s follow those social pioneers’ example in Bountiful, BC.


Lets try to stick to the topic here and deal with the real issue.  I agree that we cannot beat a dead horse to death, but we can work on changing things in the future - that is why we have the right to vote.  First, I want to say that I was totally discussed watching city council on channel 10 on Monday night making light of the 5 million dollar mistake, and still don’t know where they screwed up after discovering their mistake.  Further to say that they did not have a treasure in place for well over a year is a complete lie.  Jim Bruce was hired to do the job on contract, which you and I paid thousands of dollars for him to travel from Vancouver and back pretty much every week for a few days.  They hired Mr. Bruce because he was a retired Treasurer from the City of Richmond, and a good friend of Gord Howie the Administrators.  So when they try and tell you that they didn’t have anyone looking out for their interest, they are full of that good old word “shit”.  Mr. Bruce did not depart his contract until they hired Dan Rodin from School District #52 in May. 

Now on to a different topic.  Can anyone tell me why we are paying over $60 an hour to Gord Howie’s wife, and why they created a special job just for her?  We have long term employees working at city hall with years of experience with different degrees who do not and will never get this kind of money.  In two years from now we will probably be seeing Gord Howie retiring and taking our tax dollars with him, and at the same time reminding us all what suckers we really are.  I don’t believe that we just need to change council, but we really need to lighten the load a bit in city hall as well and bring in people that we really need not just people that are getting jobs because we have to keep our Administrator happy. 

My last topic.  I haven’t heard anything about what is happening with the Briglio case and if he is being charged.  Again, has heard convinced are local law enforcement not to pursue this because after all the city holds their purse strings when it comes to the budget.  I have recently seen Tony’s face blastered in the local papers for his good deeds - what a crock of b.s.  It was really amusing to see him in the paper with Gordon Campbell at the UBCM especially since both of them have been charged and convicted of drunk driving.  Maybe someday they will make good roommates…

Far be it from me to disagree council, but what proof of the $60 an hour is there. I may have missed something in a previous forum in regards to her wage. If so, I stand to be corrected.

The cops may drop charges in regards to what happened to their member but if anyone runs into the “bitten one” ask him what he is doing. Not that it is any of our business but oh how we all love a great tale of ones potential downfall.

oh yes and no damn chickens, there is already enough sheep being led blindly around this city.

I guess to find out what Ms. Hesse is being paid, we need to ask either the council or city administration.  All I know is that is what I was told from a reliable source.  In respect to Tony Briglio, I believe that if you take on the job to represent your community, you actions are public information.  Mr. Briglio’s actions were a complete embarrassment and personally, I don’t want someone like him representing me on council, health boards or whatever political area he chooses to undertake.  I believe myself to be a fair minded positive individual who gives everyone a second chance.  In Tony’s case, however, how many chances does one would to give?