City cabs

Since being here in Rupert i haven’t taken a lot of cabs as i walk. last night after going out with a few friends i called a cab and while in the cab the driver lit up a smoke and started smoking it. I was never asked and saw no signs posted that it was a smoking cab. is this a regular thing for cabs up here or does it just depend on the driver?? i get the fact that they drive all hours of the day but really would have liked to been asked if it was OK for him to have a smoke while I was a paying customer in his car and a non-smoker.

I would suggest contacting Bill, the owner, at Skeena Taxi and voice your complaint. If you didn’t get the cab number, let him know date, time, from where to where. From that he can trace who was driving. Most taxis have ‘no smoking’ signs and that should include the driver.