Did anyone go to the circus? My little brother and sisters are going to waste money on the event today. So I am just wondering is it really worth it?
If they were my children, I would definately not spend money to watch those poor animals make those people money. I think it is cruel to travel around the continent with those poor souls in cages. << so sad

Guess what? Nobody Cares

Well sadly I went to it with my girlfriend and it cost 16$ a ticket (there is a coupon for buy 1 get 1 free, so you could work it out with a friend 8$ a piece, but I wouldnt recommend it). The rides, which consist of a tortured elephant and ponies walking circles and a bouncy slide? :unamused: , are an extra cost on top of that. The actual show wasnt very entertaining, the performers microphones we’re not properly leveled making it hard to hear, and almost every performer messed up atleast once. As for the amazing spider-man he consisted of a swining down on a rope swing and than doing a handspring… (about 30 seconds time). Well that was it… I didn’t enjoy it too much but you might… its really up to you…

I just assumed that it would be complete crap and I guess I was right. Seriously… any circus that ends up doing a tour of the north must be in the same league as the carnival. I can only imagine how the animals are treated in these 3rd rate operations. :angry:


does anyone have a estimate of how long it is?

umm why would anyone wanna go to the circus… how lame…

Circus = Lame.
Carnival = Less Lame, but lame nonetheless.
Carnivale (Note the extra ‘e’) = Excellent.
Carnies = Creepy.