Christy Clark cleared in BC Rail deal … story.html … clark.html

hmmmmmmm wonder which blogger they are talking about? could it be the one most often quoted here?

Good to hear that the Premier has been cleared. I think I heard on CBC that when the NDP is elected they will call for an investigation of BC Rail. I predict that Jennifer Rice will win on the North Coast. I know it is early, but, I think this will happen.

if she keeps her mouth shut on LNG she should win but I think the candidate debate will trip her up, not enough to lose but probably enough to make it interesting, also think Joanne’s supporters will either vote for another party or stay at home.

I cannot speak for all of Joanna’s supporters (I am one), but I intend to vote for Jennifer Rice. I like Hondo, but, the Green party does not appeal to me.

I like Hondo as well, however a vote for the Green Party is wasted and mearly a vote for the liberals…