Choppy waters for the Orange Wave of Quebec

Well when you go from 1 to 70 something, sometimes one or two curious things can happen on the way to electoral joy.

“Vacationing NDP candidate accused of falsifying nomination papers”

Beyond the potential fraudulent nature of her candidacy is the communication problems that perhaps may exist between candidate and those she has been elected to represent. Though it seems that a Berlitz class or Rosetta Stone session may solve that situation.

He said she’ll also be taking French classes to bring her language skills up to speed, and will speak to the media “when it’s appropriate.”

That could help her to better represent her constituents and.or answer a few questions one might think … le2009898/

Choppy waters could be scary but a good skipper and a good crew can live with it. While reading the article in your link, I saw a link to another opinion article. … 992/page2/

Here is an interesting quote:


NDP deputy leader doubts bin Laden photos exist ~ CBC … osama.html


NDP deputy leader doubts bin Laden photos exist ~ CBC … osama.html[/quote]


Yeah, I just saw that article as well. My initial reaction was…WTF?! :smile:



NDP deputy leader doubts bin Laden photos exist[/quote]

~ CBC … osama.html


Yeah, I just saw that article as well. My initial reaction was…WTF?! :smile:[/quote]

No shortage of loose cannons in the new opposition party!

Take a breath Liberals , there is indeed hope.

Good Luck herding all these feral cats Jack!

I take no solace in the NDP “surge”.

They certainly improved in all regions but take Quebec out of the equation and it isn’t all that impressive when you consider how poorly the Liberals did across the country. 59 of NDP’s 102 seats are from Quebec. Without the 42 seat gain in Quebec the 102 seats becomes 60. That would still be their best performance ever, but are they ever capable of forming a government, especially when the main support is in Quebec a province that was solidly Liberal in the 60’s and 70’s, went Conservative for the 80’s and then went Bloc for the past 20 years.

I have no idea why they went NDP this time (I guess they were just fed up with the other three) and it will be interesting to see if the NDP can maintain that support in the future. I have my doubts.

And If Harper nickels and dimes us rather uses a sledgehammer, I am afraid the Conservatives could be in power for a couple more majorities.

And one last disappointment, the NDP made a slight gain in the popular vote in BC from 26% in 2008 to 32% on Monday but that was all at the expense of the Liberals. The Conservatives went from 44% to 45% Does not bode well for the provincial election.

That is possible. I remember Mulroney being in power for a good long while. But, remember what happened to him. He was annihilated and the Conservatives were replaced by the Liberals. The people have spoken, but, history has a way of repeating itself.

I don’t buy the Prime Minister’s rhetoric when he states that he is a PM for all Canadians. He should say the truth. He is a PM for all well-healed Canadians. I have no idea why people would vote for tax breaks for multinational corporations. Hmmmm. Who is going to pay for infrastructure and services? People can expect fewer services and more user fees.

Another day and another instructive comment from the loyal (kind of sort of) Opposition … kie-ndp-mp

And for good measure, what Captain Jack may have to face among the crew members in the days to come … g-but-dead