Chicken or the egg

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The similarities are very close, it’s quite likely that birds–at least some types–evolved from predatory birds.

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actually the answer to this is quite simple, the ROOSTER came first of course.

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And you are wrong with your point, because you assume I was misunderstanding the process of symbiosis and want to make yourself out to be smart, well smarter than me anyways, wrong on both points. Symbiosis is the most likely the process that the chickens used to incorperate the egg as they didnt develop it, they stole it from some other creature.
Your attempt to be a smartass at the expense of someone else backfires…Kaboom! lol. We can now procede to throw insults back and forth at each other for each’s attempt to make a fool of the other, lets just agree firstoff not to shit on the board, hehe, its your move…

Dude, all birds have eggs.  Chickens didn’t “steal” it.  Chickens are just a domesticated evolution of some jungle fowl species.

Symbiosis is the most likely the process that the chickens used to incorperate the egg as they didnt develop it, they stole it from some other creature. 

I agree, it didnt really mean “steal” , that was more a figure of speech, I’m uneducated and my voacbulary isnt as good as it should be, at least not as good as you guys so I tend to oversimplify things when i describe them. Maybe your both right and my understanding is what is lacking, I will research symbiosis a bit further and may find I stand corrected. My current understanding is that it is part of the process of evolution, symbiotic relationships are evolutions way of sharing information, of not having every organism have to “reinvent the wheel” so to speak, mutations arise and are then selected and shared with other organisms if it provides an advantage. Am i wrong about this?

Symbiosis is when you have two organisms that depend on each other.  In the wikipedia article, it gives the example of Clownfish and Sea Anemone.  Evolution is certainly involved in the creation of the symbiotic relationship, where both organisms depend on the relationship for survival.  They generally don’t take on each others characteristics, though.

I stand corrected. My appologies to TR.

Yeah Mig’s got it. 

Evolution is the natural selection over time of traits in a population that allow a species to better survive.  It’s based on the idea that there will often be the odd ‘freak’ that is better suited to survive and prosper and is more likely to pass along his ‘freak’ genes.  Over time the species as a whole changes and becomes a new species. This is an oversimplification but if you read that link I posted earlier it’s all explained in there. 

Who the hell cares , you can eat a Chicken before its born and after its dead.

Who cares? WTF is wrong with you, the entire subject was the origins, not whether or not the products are able to be eaten.

Sorry, I was a bit dyslexic with my answer before; I should have said it was not-chicken.

Have you ever eaten a duck egg with the duckling still in it, that will piss yopu off.

I ate an egg mcmuffin this morning.

100 year old egg?

Asian people like these big eggs with mint leaves and some sauce, when you eat them with a spoon and get to a certain part you begin to know you are now eating a meaty substance and that is what it is, baby duck.Very interesting feeling.

So… Riddle me this.
If the egg came first Who warmed it? it would obviously die out instantly if it were to hatch it would only have very few instincts. how would it know what its food sources were who would show it? a little chickadee running around by itself would never survive alone but then again im not saying the chicken came first because, how did this chicken know everything? its sort of like the whole “adam and eve thing” who taught them how to talk and walk? this is very weird. its really hard to say the only thing i can say is…