Chicken or the egg

since there is a good debate about science or religion i thought i could finally resolve

which came first the chicken or the egg?

Since the chicken came from a chicken egg, I submit that the egg did come first.

how did the egg get there?

the chicken must have come first, and the egg was a evolutionary marvel.
the chicken got tired of laying scrambled babies.

Have you ever heard of evolution? The egg has always been an egg. It may have hatched life forms not unlike, but not a chicken, until the chicken as we know it finally hatched.

we’ll go with evolution what was it before an egg? :unamused:

Since I wasn’t there when it happened, I’ll guess it might have been a membrane.

insane in the membrain … yeah lets not forget it was a dinosaur first

That is exactly how it happened, symbiotic process thats is well understood by the SCIENTIFIC :smiley: community.

yes but whats the religulousside of it  :stuck_out_tongue:


Symbiosis is a close ecological relationship between the individuals of two (or more) different species.  Sometimes a symbiotic relationship benefits both species, sometimes one species benefits at the other’s expense, and in other cases neither species benefits.

Ecologists use a different term for each type of symbiotic relationship:

Mutualism  –  both species benefit
Commensalism  –  one species benefits, the other is unaffected
Parasitism  –  one species benefits, the other is harmed
Competition  –  neither species benefits
Neutralism  –  both species are unaffected

So which two species are we talking about?

  A hiccup  ??

You tell me, I’m not that old but chickens sure were not the first to use eggs, the reptiles and I would asume dinosaurs used eggs too, eggs evolved way before my time so I couldnt tell ya.

My point is eggs are not a species and misusing words like symbiotic to impress people takes away from your point. 

Single celled organism --> invertebrates laying eggs in water --> vertebrates laying eggs in water --> amphibians being able to go on land, laying eggs in water --> reptiles/birds laying eggs with hard shells and wet stuff inside them, allowing the eggs to be laid on land and do the tadpole phase before hatching --> mammals with wombs doing the tadpole phase inside their own body.

Far too simple, and far too linear, but that’s pretty much how it went down. Quite clearly, the egg came long before the chicken.

didn’t birds evolve from raptors or something?

… jurassic park like 20 years ago… hard to remember… :smiley: