Cherry Coke

I gotta say, I’m really liking Cherry Coke lately. Even more than Dr. Pepper.

Eventhough I hate diet coke, I’m really beginning to like the lime flavoured diet coke.

Both aren’t bad with dark rum! And what happenned to Pepsi Twist? I can’t find it here anymore… my Wisers Deluxe is getting lonely! :cry:

Man, Capt Mo Spiced Rum and Vanillia Coke = Besest!

Yeah I was just gonna say that Diet Lime Coke has almost replaced my usual Diet Coke.
I wonder what it would taste like mixed with vokda or something.

Dark rum is best on its own, on a tropical beach…


Like Herbies comment, Pepsi Twist is better. Good with rye or rum! Though as of late Ive developed a taste for rye.

I can’t stand Lemon Pepsi. Tastes like the glass wasn’t rinsed properly after being washed with lemon soap. In contrast, however, I like a shot of lemon juice in my coke. I’m suspecting that it’s because the pepsi only has a hint of lemon.

Do kids still put peanuts or pop rocks in Coke?

I’ve always thought Pepsi Twist tasted like dishsoap as well.

Putting a slice of lime in a glass of coke with ice is just as good as lime diet coke.

Cherry coke rocks, diet coke with lime was disappointing. You can barely taste the lime.

meh i havent tried cherry coke yet not really a coke fan