Cheney kept CIA program from Congress, source says

Nice.  :imp:

[quote]WASHINGTON (CNN) – The CIA withheld information about a secret counterterrorism program from Congress during the Bush administration on direct orders from then-Vice President Dick Cheney, current CIA director Leon Panetta told members of Congress, a knowledgeable source confirmed to CNN.

The disclosure to the House and Senate intelligence committees about Cheney’s involvement by Panetta was first reported in the New York Times. Efforts to contact Cheney for reaction were unsuccessful late Saturday.

The source who spoke to CNN did not want to be identified by name because the matter is classified, and CIA spokesman Paul Gimigliano declined comment on the report.

“It’s not agency practice to discuss what may or may not have been said in a classified briefing,” Gimigliano said. “When a CIA unit brought this matter to Director Panetta’s attention, it was with the recommendation that it be shared with Congress. That was also his view, and he took swift, decisive action to put it into effect.”[/quote]

Cheney kept CIA program from Congress, source says

Cheney is a piece of work isn’t he? The situations in Iraq were foreseeable and they did NOTHING to change it. Not even a reasonable attempt. Free the Iraqi people my …

Agreed!  I find it interesting that the AG has indicated a willingness to start an investigation of the Bush regime.

There’s a disturbance in the Force…

Heh-heh, yep looks likes Darth (AKA Cheney) needs the help of the Emperor.  Too bad the Emperor is busy sawing logs on his ranch.

So who killed Michael Jackson? Was it Dick or does he know who.

That means it would have been a hunting accident… :wink:

Obama doesn’t want an investigation because he knows it will take away from some of the policies he is trying to implement.

Some of the evidence seems to indicate that he abused prescription drugs. 

Ah but sister Latoya, who was paid well by a British tabloid for her observations, suggests that Michael was murdered…

Damn…well she would know.:wink:  This Jackson stuff gets weirder and weirder. :stuck_out_tongue: