Chemistry of WalMart

I’m always telling people ‘you get what you pay for’ and ‘cheap and good don’t mean the same thing’, but WalMart gets me too everytime.
Last time it was 3 shirts (that fit ME!) for $17. I put one on before I drove home from PG, and when I got ready for bed, there was this stringy thing attached when I took my pants off. When I dropped the old drawers, the entire stitching on the side came out, and I had this wrap-around thingie about as sexy looking as Fat Bastard pulling a slit skirt over his head.
Just finished the laundry and the next one turned into this giant ball of thread around the spindle, and I don’t even have a cat to give it to.
One lasted four hours, one lasted a week.
Just like the 3 $26 DVD players they sucked me in for. One lasted 2 weeks, one 4 months. My son hawked the other so we’ll never know.

That’s why they have roll-backs. The products have a half-life. They have to stay open 24-7 to move things out the door. If they closed for the weekend, half the stock would be piles of dust Monday morning…

LOL, well that beats my record of purchaser’s regret. Whenever I buy a shirt at Wal Mart I find that I can at least wear it once before it no longer fits. For whatever reason the incredible XX shirt that i buy at Walmart, magicaly turns into a petite after just one washing…

While I’m not against wearing those trendy Tees that only come down to your belly button, i have a bit too much of the belly to make it fashionable.

I guess the answer would be not to do laundry, but I fear for the population should I take such measures.

I end up donating the smaller version of the shirt to the Salvation Army, who probably ship the whole batch back to indonesia from whence they came. Not a bad deal for them i guess, they get laundered clothing back on the next container shipment, probably sold as pre washed in the finer markets… 

hmmmm I know where you can go to get 4 tees for $30 :smiley: 

BONUS  They won’t fall apart in a week!!

The preceeding was a paid commercial endorsement… :laughing:

HTMF is the best advertising :smiley: 

this guy is my favourite poster. glad to have you around herbie.

walmart got me tonight, i bought a hacksaw, a block of cheese , a block of ham and a loaf of bread. now im ready to start work tomorrow instead of being the dipshit apprentice with no hacksaw when called on to hack-saw something.  the rest was for lunch .  but seriously where else can a scatterbrained dorkus malorkus like myself get a freakin hacksaw at 950 pm on a sunday night… just remembered I needed the saw on the way home from the ski hill…doh.

I hear there’s a sale on dorkus malorkus at Walmart.


oh yea ? well I slept with your WIFE