Charlie Bit Me

I found this video HILARIOUS… check it out.

If you do something like

It will show up automatically, and as a bonus, it will use the hidden &fmt=18 parameter, so it will be in higher quality.


Haha I love how Charlie laughs at it. Several times.

Evil little child.


Heh, you can just edit your original post, you know :wink:

If you ever forget how to do a youtube video on HTMF, just click the FAQ up top.  I have to be reminded all the time.

How would you embed something like a flv from a newsite? Can you?

Upload it to youtube :wink:

Can you just attach it to the message, or is it too big?

I want to snatch something off CBC website and post it (with full credit to CBC of course).
Or if I even knew how to ‘download’ it and save it on my hard drive, would be good

Depends…  Sometimes it’s just a flash wrapper around a plain mp3 or mpeg4 or something like that.  PM me the link and I can take a look.