Charles Hays or PRSS

What school did you go to?

I’m going to Charles Hays but moving to Terrace :angry:

Charles Hays

Well this really ages me, but Charles Hays School wasn’t finished being built when I graduated.

Yep, I graduated long before CHSS was built…I’m an old codger, heh-heh. :smiley:


Charles Hays Baby,

Class of 02
Captian of CHSS 02 Hockey Team :stuck_out_tongue: haha
Football Squad - The losers that always were outside playing rain or shine at lunch

I went to Charles Hays for grade 8
PRSS for grade 9 and 10
then G.P. Vanier in Courtenay for grades 11 and 12.

out of the schools that I’ve been in Rupert, I’d take PRSS any day.

I went from Grade 8 to Grade 10 (would’ve repeated Grade 10 there had I stayed another year) at CHSS.

CHSS Class of 02 shoulda been 01 but I was a slacker!

I was such a scholar I went to PRSS and was supposed towalk up in 92 but was short credits so I went to CHSS in 93 and was part of the first graduating class there. I liked both schools though.

PRSS is a more friendly school and it is easier to get along with the mix of races. also the school system is a lot better, finishing off a class in one semester instead of 2 is so much easier. so PRSS is an all around better school.

How can you state PRSS is more friendly then CHSS? when you didn’t go to CHSS…

charles hays, still attending - kinda. i got kicked with like two months left from chss, so i went to prss for the remainder of the year. i liked prss more, but i got away with a lot of stuff at chss, so that was pretty good.

PRSS is more friendlier…I found CHSS to be rude and clickish whereas PRSS was more open. I can say this because I went to both

But G.P. Vanier was 10000000X better then both schools. :smiley:

I say Charles Hays is 10X better. I get along with people at CHSS way more then PRSS…

It depends on your personality for both schools.

I think PR is more outgoing…

I’m going to PR in September.,
I like it Better then Charles Hays.
It’s not as big and Frightening.

You think CHSS is big and frightening?  CHSS is soooooo easy to get around compared to PRSS… there’s no where to get lost or disoriented at CHSS. 

I found PRSS a lot harder to navigate than the halls of CHSS… and Bambi squished into a jar of fromaldahyde in the Biology room made me never want to go back either  :blush:

I go to PRSS, I’d say it’s a pretty friendly school, really open and outgoing, never been to CHSS myself, so can’t compare. I have a friend who goes to CHSS, she’s really nice, well she’s my friend :wink:

actually i did go to both schools, and i also had friends at both schools, but in the end PRSS is just a better school all around.

PRSS is more en francais.