Charge laid in BC Ferries deaths

CBC News

The Queen of the North sank March 22, 2006, near Gil Island off B.C.'s coast. This image was taken by a submersible robot. (Transportation Safety Board)
One of the officers on the ill-fated Queen of the North has been charged with criminal negligence causing death in the sinking of the BC Ferries vessel that killed two people in March 2006.

Karl Lilgert was the navigating officer responsible for steering the vessel at the time, said a statement issued by B.C.'s Criminal Justice Branch on Tuesday morning.

The ferry sank two hours after running aground near Gil Island on the West Coast. While 99 crew and passengers managed to abandon ship, passengers Gerald Foisy and Shirley Rosette were never found, and are believe to have went down with the ship.

The statement by Crown spokesman Neil MacKenzie said the evidence did not warrant laying charges against any other member of the ship’s crew.

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