Channels on air?

Can anyone tell me what we currently get for channels over the air in the PR area (CBC local, CTV, ???)?
(Currently using streaming, but missing my news fix)

to my knowledge you still just get Channel 6 CBC Terrace… As a child in Rupert before cable it was all we got…

I can’t say exactly what we get for free but it’s my understanding that at least some of the channels were to be lost when cftk switched from analog to digital.

Tell your TV to auto program. Unless it’s an ancient thing (before 2008) it should find all the channels, digital or not Old sets need a converter box, decide if you want to spend $80 on one or towards a new tv. You don’t need a new antenna - the old ones still work.
I have no idea what’s over the air in Rupert, but we used the new digital stuff to jam 4 channels into one signal, we’ve got over 24 over the air channels here now and don’t “have to” turn off the analog ones yet.
Check this out: … 7&Itemid=4

Thanks folks…
I will give this a try over the next few days and report back what I find.