Changing policies at BC Ferries may impact on shipping to Charlottes

A move by BC Ferries to become more environmentally friendly in its commercial transportation policy is proving to be of concern to local haulers of goods to the Queen Charlotte Islands.

When the Northern Expedition (click here for detailed look at the new vessel) comes into service in 2009, the Ferry Corporation will be upgrading their refrigerated trailer facilities, requiring the local trucking companies to invest in some new equipment or upgrade their current trailers.

In a bid to reduce diesel or gas exhaust, the Northern Expedition will be moving many of their docking stations to electric plug ins, which means that local trucking companies will have to changeover their current rolling stock of trailers to meet the new standard…

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You have to wonder about the knowledge of these trucking company spokespeople … diesel electric reefer units have been available for many years and are in use throughout Europe.  Carrier Transicold introduced such units to North America a few years ago and they are becoming mandated in California.

Basically the diesel unit is used when there is no electricity available - i.e. you are on the road.  The one comment about needing a battery is sheer idiocy.  In fact these units are cheaper and more efficient to run than the older diesel only units.  Perhaps the trucking outfits should look at it as an opportunity to modernize their fleet and reduce costs with more efficient units, rather than start to whine right away.  Think of it as an electric fridge with diesel backup.