Changes breed controversy at the School District

The school district management team is out of touch in regards to the support students in our community need to succeed in school and beyond," Joanna Larson, President of PRDTU

A number of moves announced by School District 52 this week have the local union, community groups and individuals concerned about the direction of the School District, when it comes to implementing its new blueprint for education.

The most pressing issue for the Pince Rupert District Teachers Union is the plan for layoffs stemming from the consolodation of two east side schools for next year, what has the PRDTU particularly upset is that while their members will bear the brunt of the number crunch, the school district has actually created more management positions in order to guide its revised programs into the next school year.

Another concern of the teachers union is that while needs of special educations students will increase in the next year, nothing has been done to improve the actual staffing situation in the district’s special needs classrooms…

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