I think Chances could be making more money if they had a bigger parking lot. 
I have been going there once every week or two and the lot if always full on the weekends.
People are parking all over the place. 

park and walk

You sit on your butt playing games in the gaming center for hours. I think you could use a walk of a block or two. Parking is not and should never be an issue in Prince Rupert.

…because we all want to see Chances make more money, do we?  :wink:

They need a couple more Blackjack games.

Hey Billy, I drove by there about fifteen minutes ago, lots of parking available go boost the economy. Well Chances economy anyways…

Stupidity tax.
I dunno about Chances, but the casino in PG employs a LOT of people. It aslo gives you something to do. I still get a kick out of seeing the same idjuts who argue over pennies stuffing $20 after $20 into a ‘machine that goes ding’. Or the ones who wear that Casino card around their neck and act snotty cuz they have one.
Staple it on your ear!!! Bahhhh! Bahhhh!

I went there for the first time last night, spent 235 and won 415 so made 178 not bad.

Only spent $235?  Did you go there for dinner too, or was that just gambling?

I was there last night too, took my best friend out to dinner.
I don’t like gambling, something about spending my money and not getting anything out of it bothers me.
I have bad luck, so yes, it is me spending my money and not getting anything out of it.

I played some slots at the “Pleasure Cove” (yes I call it that instead cuz it’s more fun) last night and won on my first 2 spins on 2 machines.  Stupid me though… kept playing to kill time and ended up with nothing.  Gambling doesn’t entice me one bit… I seem to be really good at buying scratches, waiting months to scratch them, and even longer to cash in the winners.