Chances to roll the dice on a Terrace entertainment/hotel complex

There may not be much money left to be made in the Terrace Lumber yards from lumber, but in the future there may be a lot of money changing hands in that very location.

Chances Gaming entertainment hot off the success of the Prince Rupert centre is making plans to move into the Terrace marketplace.

The Prince George based owners of the Prince Rupert Gaming Centre have come to an agreement with the Terrace Lumber company to purchase 20 acres of the former sawmill site with an option for the remaining 53 acres.

The plan for the original 20 acres would include a hotel, convention centre and entertainment complex to service the Terrace/Kitimat area, much like the Rupert operation provides those services locally. …

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Ahh giving away your money. The industry of the north.  There’s a lot of potential for you guys but gambling isnt it :wink:

Terrace  again gets new stores and rupert is still falling way behind.

It;s been 5 years since royop said they would make a mall here still zip.

Cain’t wait to move out of this dead end rain drenched village this fall and never look back.

boom town never!

LOL  why wait

House will be done and on the market this summer, only good thing is prices have gone way up i will get 260000 no problem 4 yeras ago it would have been 130000

This village has nothing is nothing i cant wait to be rid of it forever! vanvouver , edmonton, rule heck even terrece is way better than this dead  end village rain hole!

If you compare Prince Rupert with Metro Vancouver, I’m pretty sure you’ll agree that Rupert is a place of sad faces and gray skies…

But if you compare Rupert with Terrace, I hope you’ll agree that Rupert is a lot more tame and mentally sane compared to the hillbilly town. Plus you get more happy faces in Rupert than Terrace.

If your standard of a community is how many box stores it contains and how much cheap offshore junk you can buy perhaps you would be happier in Terrace with the hilbillies and mouthbreathers.

If you stay here until municipal elections remember It was the old City Council that was falling all over each other to enable the Royop development.
Royop wasn’t serious 2 years ago and I don’t believe they are any more seriolus now.
Has Royop actually bought the property?
Seems to me all that has happened is council rezoned the area.
Royop played council and the town almost as good as Dan Veniez did with his version of the famous Pig In  A Poke.