Chances Prince Rupert breaks BCLC P&P all the time

Chances Prince Rupert’s new direction is very clear, if you follow BCLC P&P you will be terminated! most of the staff that they believe have ratted them out are gone, funny how a little money makes you think you can do what you want. Craig and the rest of the owners have a big wake-up call coming if they don’t change their evil ways. this is the best place to get over intoxicated to because they don’t much care for the BC liquor laws either, so much potential wasted by a few losers who can’t understand how to make a buck!  :imp:

What does this mean in English?

just a heads up for anyone that may apply for a job there, also letting Chances Prince Rupert owners and the G/M know they are not going to slip this one under the rug like other times. they do look at the boards here. so Craig and Fred remember god forgives, i don’t. don’t worry they know who its from.  :stuck_out_tongue:

I still don’t understand. The Pulp and Paper company fired you and you’re taking a chance?

no no no

P&P= polices and procedures
BCLC= British Columbia lotto corporation
Chances Prince Rupert= the gaming center in Prince Rupert

we good now? :smiley:

Did they fire you for doing something you’re supposed to do? Did you complain to anyone official (labour relations guys?)

yes i did talk to someone and that parts done, i put this not for me but for the ones that were let go more recently. they (Chances PR) would like noting more then to see it all go away but for some reason the keep getting attention from the BCLC auditors and the BCLC investigators. they think that they are so smart that they can fool people that are paid to investigate this sort of stuff (P&P) rule breakers. most of the investigators are ex-detectives from the RCMP ,military and other policing agency’s so they are not fooling anyone. :imp:

Oh it’s a slimey place anyway…
I heard today they are moving much of their accounting/ Payroll type stuff all to head office at PG.  Those scum should have never entered Rupert, but of course it all looked good and city council, all but Joy went for it…
I did not really care one way or another then but now I can see the farce that it really is…  It did give a few kids work, and I say kids because it’s a low wage hole that does not pay enough to support families… 
It is a nice building, I will give it that but I dont go there much and this current issue makes me less and less likely to go back.
The Crest is BCGEU and I perfer to take my business to places that are fair to the workers… 

One thing about Chances that no one has been able to figure out is their
policy on their downstairs meeting/convention hall.

Ive attended 3 functions there in the last few months. Every single time the music was shutdown at midnight. No ifs ands or buts, Chances management forced the music off.

But they kept the bar open till 1am.

One function had a live band, it was a rocking time and then boom, midnight came and that was it. The band had to stop playing. Bar stayed open till 1am.

At the last event I happened to be up dancing and it was literally 2 mins past midnight and I watched a Chances management type come up and yell at the DJ to shut down. She looked to be a little ticked off. He had no choice but to turn off his gear and shut down.

Is there some policy of BCLC? Or is it just Chances being asses?

it was because of their liquor license for the downstairs they can sell beer and such till 1am but no audience participation after 12am or they will lose the license. what this means you can get piss drunk but just don’t dance, ya i know it’s stupid! i think its so bars don’t lose their business with the people that want to dance, and or you need pay more money to get 2 extra hours.

Hey punisher I wondered when someone from there would post in here. I worked there for a short time but saw the writing on the wall.  The “players” or the owners from PG are JERKS.  They think that this is an off shoot of PG where no one knows your business ha ha!  If the LRB ever gets in there it will be a UNION.  I beleive in fair wages for fair work  ( I know it doesn’t happen all the time and NO I don’t live in a fairy tale world) but the goings on in that place are by far the worst I have ever seen. I worked at a now defunct employer in town and I thought it was bad, but really this place has got it beat.  Only hire the cute girls for the bar staff, THEY MUST wear revealing clothes etc.  No one wants to speak up because they are afraid. I had no issues with anyone but I just could not stand by and watch the crap going down without jumping in.  Not for $9.50 an hour, plus all the issues with your bi weekly paycheque ( how can your hours get so *&%$%& up when you log in and  but all the managers seem to have their own agenda. I wish you luck with the LRB. 

what are the other LRB issues …

P&P issues seem to revolve around abuse of the liguor license.
What exactly besides poor wages and other things mentioned are the issues that the LRB needs to look at…

I dont want to go near that dam place again… 

the problem is that they run in the gray areas and they do (as much as i hate to give credit) know their stuff when it comes to labor laws, but like i said they always run in the gray so you know they are up to no good. i must say i did and still do enjoy working in a gaming environment its the best when its done right, there’s no satisfaction like solving an issue or problem knowing the out come is solely on you right or wrong under the gun so to speak. gaming centers and casinos are great places to work, you just have to find the right one! someday maybe this one will be a good one too, but not till BCLC forces the owners from PG to change or BCLC says enough is enough and sells the building to the highest bidder (this has happened in the past in Vancouver). what the owners are missing is that just because you put up 32 million does not mean they wont take the games away as they are the owners of every slot and bingo terminal in there they do have the final say who they have running the place. if i were the owner i would tow the line as you would never be able to make a 32 million dollar restaurant float in Prince Rupert.  :imp:

what are these gray areas??

the gray areas are the ones all company’s use like your under your 90 days, writing people up for little things most people would just ignore (3 strikes and your out in most places), using the we gave severance pay so we don’t have to say why we let you go and other little tricks of the management trade to get rid of people you don’t care to have around any more. these things all have there place and i have used them to get rid of a ass pain or 2 but when used so you don’t get in trouble for breaking P&P and then the people being let go are just doing the job you hired them for is just wrong no mater how right the method would normally be, but with the gray areas CPR uses its all good to labor laws and any other employee protection thing out there. sucks hard but thats the way it is. like my boys favorite movie says- with great power comes great responsibility! to bad for the little people there’s not really anyone looking out for your rights unless you have 32 million, we sure don’t live in a movie :imp: 

I have noticed two other thiings about the place, 1) they treat their staff like garbage. If you want to order from the kitchen you have to wait till EVERY customer has passed them by.  2) they reward incompatance with extra hours, but will let the good employees go.

have employees made any attempt at bringing in a union?

I know unions are not perfect, but they do level the ‘playing field’ a lot

Seems this gaming centre like to bully the workers, a union just might be the answer.

you even think the word union and your gone, someone was joking about it one day and management overheard and 10 min later that person was gone.

add-on: I’m not saying someone should not try its just that most people do it out of anger and are not careful how they go about it. it would have to be done very low key till the union was full on board.

well bringing in the union need not be out of anger…
It would provide a collective agreement and thus provide a level playing field…
I won’t be giving my money to some bully management team from PG…

i fully agree with you eyeonrupert, i hope you did not think i was disagreeing with you or making excuses?  i may not care much for unions (as some may have gathered in my past posts) but in this case i fully believe it would fix the present owners. i would rather see the place turned over to someone that cares for their staff but if this is not something that would happen then yes, GO UNION! the part about anger is how most people go about getting a union in their work place due to being pissed off and telling everyone they need a union and this would lead to an immediate termination for all they saw as a threat to the company, so quite and under the radar is whats needed not angry and pissed off.  :smiley: